Sonic *THE* Hedgehog Anime ep 1 and 2

Believe it or not, I got it from Best Buy over a year ago. That was when their anime sections were, well, lacking. It's pretty good, but the English dub is very annoying. Tails sounds like he has a cold and Sonic's voice is as pleasant as squeaking on a chalkboard. If I had to guess, probably the best place to get it would have to be online somewhere. Or maybe you could order it from a store like Suncoast...
Suncoast rapes people for dvd prices, i work at Best Buy but we dont have it, i get discount at Suncoast but it sucks anyhow (BBY owns them fyi) heh.. finding good anime online is becoming harder and harder for me, all the places i know about are dissapearing or overloaded with people with queued files so it would take me 2 days of idling in irc to have them start sending heh than another 15-20 hours to receive the file if tis a 30min episode at decent divx.. sigh and DALnets down to boot