Sony MZ-R500


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Amazing deal! Went to best buy tonight and I saw one of these things with the open box label and it was only $50!!! So I took a chance and brought it home with me, it works flawlessly. What a steal!! No instruction manual though

I know next to nothing about md devices, anybody want to point me in a good direction?
omg! you got an md player for 50 bones?! I'm so jealous

I hear that the only way to record onto md's is to have the music stream into the disc.

If that's true, its a bummer
The pc link cable was half missing (thats why it was so cheap) so it looks like thats the only way to transfer music into it. I hooked it up to my sound blaster lives speaker out and played an mp3 and it recorded it just fine! But yea it takes a while without that pc link cable.
I had that model for a couple of years, it was brilliant. The batteries last an absolute eternity too. I payed about four times as much as that for it though
Im still looking for the pc link. If anybody can help me find it that would be awesome. I'm giving it to my sister for christmas. And want it hopefully complete by mid jan.
try asking sony for a replacement, it'll probably cost 50 dollars in itself

and where is this section of best buy? or do you have to ask a manager about open box stuff?