Two dreams come true, in the span of only a few days...


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So I'm surfing Digital Press late last week, and notice a year and half old thread in the Buy/Sell/Trade section. A guy was selling a Model 1 Mega CD, in box and everything, for only $30! Noticing the thread had been bumped recently, I figure "Why the hell not? It's most likely been sold, but I'll send the guy a PM anyway." I mean afterall, $30 boxed Mega CD, still available after year and a half? No chance in hell.

So I sent him the PM, and he told me it was still available. It even still had the original documentation! After shipping, it would cost me $50. I didn't care that I had just lost my job and needed to save my cash. This was the deal of the century and jumped on it. I'm expecting it either Monday or Tuesday.

I'd been wanting a Model 1 Mega CD for the last six years, and I never dreamed I'd get one for this good a price, let alone with it's original packaging and everything! Dream come true!

Oh but it gets much better.

My best friend Mark's friend Jesse (Whom I am now friends with), has two roommate living with him. When Mark and I were visiting him a week ago, his roommates, John and Drew came home. We got to talking about games, and what we owned. John went into his room to get something, and what did he walk out with? A Sega CDX! I completely lost it! I asked him if I could hold it, and he gave it to me. To say it was a surreal moment would be an understatement. I'd been dreaming of this for the last six years, just to be able to see one in person, and here I was holding one. I told him that was something I didn't have, and he kinda bragged about it.

Last night, I was with Jesse, and he made mention that he was trying to talking John into selling it to me. I laughed it off, thinking John really wouldn't. John was playing Call of Duty 3 when we got there, and Jesse needed to change.

"All right Dylan, make yourself comfortable, I'm gonna take a quick shower and change."

"Okay, I'm gonna go into John's room and grab the CDX."

John just laughed as I sat down next to him watching him play. We joked about me having the CDX and everything.

"You can have it. I only bought it for a few bucks at a garage sale years ago. I lost the cords for it anyway."

Wait... Was he serious? He was just gonna GIVE me his CDX? For nothing? For free?

"Are you serious man?"

"Yeah, you can have it."

I was stunned. This was the second happiest moment of my life (The happiest moment of my life, is actually the worst moment of my life now. Long story.). Here I was getting a damn collector's item, for nothing. Something I expected to pay a MINIMUM $70 or so for for nothing.

FREE CDX! Model 1 Mega CD with original box, documentation and everything for only $50 shipped!

Two dreams come true, in only the span of a few days...
Cloud121 said:
This was the second happiest moment of my life (The happiest moment of my life, is actually the worst moment of my life now. Long story.).

I almost hate to ask, but you pegged my curiosity.

Still, for the rest of the story -- awesome!