Sony sees sharp decline in sales


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Apparently, even Sony's sales are starting to falter. I caught this story while browsing through international news. It would appear that maybe Sony isn't as strong as they though. And to think that aren't planing on releasing the next Playstation for a few years yet. Check out the following: Failing Sales
yea but that in regardes to all sony sales

i certainly think they were hurting in the digital camera market - because you can only use sony mem cards -- i think they were generaly concered about restructuring the divisions concerning products like that
Maybe people are finally realising that while sony is indeed a great company (in my eyes anway) there are other very good companies out there like JVC, Pioneer, canon etc.
Originally posted by racketboy@Jul 26, 2003 @ 11:07 AM

probably just becasue everyone that wants one, has one

Yeah, that's probably true as far as the PS2 goes.. There's only so many you can sell before it starts to slow down.
I guess the part I was trying to get at, is sales have most likely peaked for the PS2. They are now concintrating on the PSX, which I have a feeling isn't the brightest idea they've come up with. And they have openly stated that the next Playstation is still a few years away. From what I've heard, both Nintendo and MS are gearing up for launching in 2005.
In my opinion, by releasing the PSX Sony are making the same mistake Sega did around nine years ago with the SegaCD and 32X. Deja-vu?
Originally posted by racketboy@Jul 25, 2003 @ 11:07 PM

probably just becasue everyone that wants one, has one

Well, I don't. But they'll have to drop the price before I'd consider picking one up. How long has this system been out? And it's still $180? Why would I buy a PS2 over an Xbox at this point? At least a new one, that is.
Kind of like Nintendo with their NES - in ten years the NES' price dropped only 10% or something ridiculous.

By leaving it at $180, Sony's saying that 1) Neither XBox or GC is considered competition and 2) they admit it's getting a bit old but it's still the best (and only) buy.

It's a strange psychological phenomenon. For example, a store selling regular turquiose jewelery at low prices had difficulty selling them, and kept marking them down further and further. At one point though, a computer error raised all the prices 500%, and all the items actually sold much faster (it was a tourist trap some where in the mid west on a Native American tribal land).
OH HELL YEAH! :) :cool: :D :devil :cheers :smokin: :drool: :eek:mg: :hehehe: This REALLY made my day! I'm got completely roasted on the river yesterday while tubing and canoing, so my skin feels like hell, but damn I missed you guys, and this is a great way to come back!

Of course they don't consider the XBox or GameCube competition, because they got all these ignorant morons, who think Sony is God. And about the PoSX (Let's see... the REAL PSX was released back in 1995, and since the PoS2 is nothing more than a black Piece of Shit.....), as soon as I found out, I was elated. I just know that NO ONE is goine to buy that thing! Everyone that wants a PoS2 already has one. I just had a thought, that since the MD/Genny was so popular ten years ago, that a lot of people purchased a Sega/Mega CD (at least in the US anyway. What was it? 6.5 million worldwide?). But then again, that was an add-on with it's own stand-alone games. This shit however, is nothing more than a PoS2, with a few extra "goodies" (THAT DON'T ENHANCE GAMES IN ANYWAY!) thrown in, to raise to price to 3DO launch level. Possibly even higher! This will flop even moreso than.... well.... The Mega CD wasn't exactly a flop, it just won't sell as well as it, that's just my prediction.

Now, I WOULD like Sony's PoS2 and beyond Hardware if:

A. Third-party developers can help create a library of games that meets, or is close to the PSX's quality (BEST GAME LIBRARY EVER! Probably even moreso than the DC)

B. Don't overhype EVERYTHING! I mean, I was reading about what Sony has planned for it's PoSP, and I'm just all like "Tch... half of that is not gonna be in the damn thing! Why do you get everyone's hopes up, then to dash them by not delivering the goods?" Sure, Nintendo and Sega hyped, and overhyped a bit (especailly Nintendo) back in the day, but they didn't go THIS FAR! Sony's ignorant followers will believe anything that Sony says even though a ood half of it is bogus!

C. Concentrate on actual game hardware. I'm getting sick and tired of Sony not releasing a straight up game system. The PSX was one. PoS2 has DVD (I like the DVD capabilites, as I did not own a DVD player before I got my PoS2,), which I really have no problem with (DVD Movie capabilites, DVD-ROM discs for games), but with what they have planned for the PoSX and PoSP, are just ridiculous! I mean, just release a straight-up game console instead of a game console/microwave/dishwasher/laundry washer/laundry dryer/oven/stove/refrigerater/etc. If they didn't release the PoSX, life would be good since we wouldn't have that bullshit, but... at the same time, life will be better (somewhat) when they do released. Sony's profits are gonna go to hell in terms of hardware because of it.

D. Finally, this is just a little thing, but it still bothers me. SONY, WILL YOU PLEASE COME UP WITH A MORE ORIGINAL NAME!??!?!??!?!?!!?! DON'T RECYCLE THE SAME BLAND NAME OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, I plan on buy a PoSX and a PoSP, just so I can own every single console and handheld that exists, but I will always hate Sony, unless they can repeat themselves with the greatness of the PSX (console only, and a GREAT library of games). Even if they do that again, they'll still leave a sour taste in my mouth for all the empty hype they always fail to deliver.

One last thing, don't you find it interesting that Sony made controllers and memory cards, are GREAT quality, and can stand up to some damage. If Sony's "console" hardware take even the slightest bit of damage... (I won't do another list, so I'll just say a couple things), it craps out, scratches discs, and overheats!

Damn, it sure felt good typing all that. :D :p :cheers :smokin:
probably just becasue everyone that wants one, has one

It took the PS1 4 years to sell 50million, and right now it has over 90million.

The fact is, PS2 is just too expensive for it's time.

When the price drops sales will continue to rise.

They are now concintrating on the PSX

Since when?

It's all the competition from the GBA, which is outselling the PS2

Comparing handheld sales to console sales is like comparing Bicycle sales to Automobile sales.

Or PDA sales to PC sales. They are two completely different markets.
Originally posted by cww80@Jul 29, 2003 @ 08:38 PM

Comparing handheld sales to console sales is like comparing Bicycle sales to Automobile sales.

Or PDA sales to PC sales. They are two completely different markets.

Maybe for us, but not for a lot of people.. If little Timmy's going to get a game system for Christmas, his parents aren't likely to get him a handheld and a home system because you use them in different places, it'll be one or the other.