Sound issues

I downloaded GENS and installed the Bios for it on two computers. One one, it works fine, but on the other, the sound is unbearably slow and choppy. They're both more or less the same - the only difference is, the one that GENS worked right on has 128 megs of RAM, and the one it didn't work on has 64... but I don't think that's the problem. Anyone know of any bugs or patches related to my problem?


How fast are their processors? Is only the sound choppy, or the games framerates too? What are you running on it, genesis ROMs or SCD games? Are the SCD games in CD form or ISO+MP3 form?
Playing Sega CD games from the CD - not from an ISO. About 500 MHz processors on each. The framerate on the games is fine on both of them, just the sound is messed up.
Other question... is the messed sound in-game sound effects only, or music, or both? Does the CDDA game music also suffers?

If the frame reate is good, and since most SCD ames relies on CDDA for music, chances are your CD-ROM is in bad shape.

You can also try changing the sound frequency, and turninf off/on improved sound emulation features (shift+F10 and shift+F11).