Soundtrack Requests

I was playing TMNT: Hyperstone Heist (that's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for the few of you who don't know) at my friend's house yesterday, and this game had such a cool soundtrack. Is there anyone out there who owns this game that could rip the tunes? I'd be eternally grateful.

Also, how about Sonic Spinball? That one was a childhood favorite of mine. Thanks. ^^
TMNT tracks ripped and ready to be sent to Iceman!

I'll be dealing with sonic spinball as soon as I can, if not anyone want someting else ripped? Name it, and I'll do the tracks if i got the game.
Um you need a megadrive 1 unit or a mega Cd unit addon to rip the tracks. I also know of SoR 3 becuase the intro that plays after the title screen has a skipping after guiter playing under emu and not under the console itself. It also probley just the emu. If someone is using Genesyst then it has a bad emulation on the sound code. Dgen also fixs the drum set that Dragon Ball Z has that Genesyst doesn't. Arrow Flash also has the same problem.If your got a beaffy machiene then use Dgen or if a slowe machiene ( like me ) then just use Genecyst. I also have a problem trying to run Kgen for some reason. It keeps crashing out everytime I go to load a rom but its probly just my P133.