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sourcecode releases

Discussion in 'Saturn Dev' started by RockinB, Apr 6, 2005.

  1. RockinB

    RockinB Staff Member

    GameBoy, Lynx, NeoGeoPocket and WonderSwan emu sources:

    Saturn Emulators page

    Saturn SoundPlayer sources:

    (playing CDDA, PCM, WAV, ADP, AIF)

    Saturn SoundPlayer page

    my Saturn library(with source), not low level asm, partially platform independent(MacOS X, Windows)

    RB library page

    The Saturn racing game project sources:

    Making a 3D racing game page

    I hope this can have a somewhat positive effect on Saturn homebrew releases. :rolleyes:

    Feel free to improve the emus, there is a lot potential indeed.

    The racing game project needs your help.

    It's 3D stuff and the tool RB_SaturnMAP(RB lib) can be used for other kind of 3D games, too.

    How to use the RB lib: just look at the SoundPlayer or any of the other releases.

    (Slingas 12 player snake :rockin: could be made platform independent with it, well 1 player only)
  2. vreuzon

    vreuzon New Member

    congratulations, rockin'b. I download it now.
  3. RockinB

    RockinB Staff Member

  4. RockinB

    RockinB Staff Member

  5. RockinB

    RockinB Staff Member

  6. ExCyber

    ExCyber Staff Member

    MegaUpload says that the Atlas sources expired due to inactivity, and the other one seems to stall when loading... any chance you could upload these to another service? I was going to mirror them on my website if that's okay...
  7. RockinB

    RockinB Staff Member

    The sources of Atlas and WinterSports Eins are already mirrored here at SX, I've updated the posting above. WHat do you mean by "the other one"?
  8. ExCyber

    ExCyber Staff Member

    "the other one" = WinterSports Eins, i.e. the other file (besides Atlas) formerly hosted at megaupload.

    Anyway, good to know they're on real webspace now. :D

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