Space Hulk


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Hard space strategy game. Once you got the hang of it it was a good game but it did have a HUGE learning curve.


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Space Hulk smash!!! :smash

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This game is highly underrated. The graphics might be nothing conmpared to Saturn Quake, but gets the job done. When you run around together with the team, its easy, but when you are supposed to give the team orders yourself, it gets hard. Very hard. Still, I try and try again. Some time I will complete it.

Great game, little difficult but love that strategy in the game. I haven't played it since my friend had it on the pc. I still even remember the old old space hulk back on pc in 1992.

I am still looking for this at some stores, but can't find. How much does that game usually go for?

I know this game has been on multiple systems. Which version is the best? 3do? sat? psx? pc?



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I just picked up a copy on eBay for $15AUD (about $8US) - can't be that expensive over there.
This was one of the few Saturn games I originally had for a good amount of time...

I loved it!

The extra missions (I can't recall if they were labelled as Classic or what, there was a few categories of them) were a solid bonus that gave you a nice way of blowing off steam when the campaign missions got to you.

Great game... never completed it, though.