Spanish Genesis users

Hi, if you can speak Spanish and want some action goto to the forum of classic consoles of and enter in the fight Snes VS MegaDrive, and other users who can not speak Spanish can write things against SuperNes or good things of MD and then I will post them there. Thanks.
I don't think anyone needs to bring up the old and totally stupid fight of sega vs. nintendo yet again.

that's happened 10 years ago, and it was stupid, it's not gonna be any better now.
Well It is quite old fashioned but it can be a way to learn

(at least for me) things about MD and also things about

SNES, the problem is that these discussions are not serious, I mean I know that the colours,sound and 3d features of Supernes are better than MD but there are Snes people that say that the processor of MD is very bad, they do not know what processor has the Snes.