Sprite animation functions in SGL ?

Hi guys,

I'm having some troubles (Again !) with Sprite animation in SGL. I can't seem to have any control over the sprite display.

I can slDispsprite them fine (Rotation,scaling and Z position. Also H & V flipping). But what about animations and framerate ?

The SegaPainter for Mac has an Animation tool but that can only be used when it's connected to a Mac through Cartdev so it's a no go for me. :/

The only thing I can do is through the command : slInitSystem(TV_352x224, tex_TEST ,1);

The last value determines wether it's a a processing value of 1/60 sec or 1/30. (the more you add the slower the speed but get's laggy)

The texture animation loops at a very frantic speed.

I can't seem to find any official methods (No samples or demos as well ?) used in SGL beside the few commands I mentioned.

Other than Rockin-B's Game tutorial I can't really extract the count/max loop function.

SBL gives me compiling errors left & right I would like to avoid that if possible.

Any suggestion on how can I tackle this and solutions ?

Much appreciated !