Sprite Woes.

Well, I'm doing some sprites right now and found a er, problem:

I have some 256 color sprites, but bloddy photoshop doesn't want to make my bg color the first one in the pallete entry - and hence the sprites appear with no colorkey transparency.

What I'm looking for, is a 256 color, dedicated, pixel-art, "demoscene-style" program like ol'Deluxe Paint or TV Paint for the Amiga. And I refuse to use Paint Shop Pro. :p
There are all sorts of tools for cutting up bitmaps and remapping the palettes, try looking through some GBA development sites. Any of the GBA sprite/tilepainting tools should also suit your needs.

Cosmigo's pro motion is said to be a good DPaint replacement, but I've never tried it. You could also try running Amiga DPaint under UAE, it works great. Just remember you need AGA if you want 256-colour support. Finally, PC DP2e works quite well under Windows if you can find the last version with VESA SVGA support.
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Haha.. Looks like PSP wins again.

uh... wha? That came out of nowhere. [/b][/quote]

Bah. There are some people that claim Paint Shop Pro is the best image editor ever made, and not Adobe Photoshop. They're simmilar in intent and will to Linux fanboys.

Anyway, if anyone's interested in the steps I played out to get a "RAW" image file compatible with Saturn sprite data format (minus info about size, etc):

- I edited the texture in Wally, set the background/transparent bits to the first pallete color.

- I saved it as a BMP, converted it to PCX (no save to PCX option in Wally :/)

- Used "pcx2gba.exe GBA4B OUTPUT.BIN INPUT.PCX"

... Now, to make it appear correctly on the ol'Saturn- that's the challenge. :p