Three Years It's Been...


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Three Years It's Been...

Ladies and Gentlemen of SX:

It was with great pride, that I, Cloud121, have been a member of SegaXtreme for three years today. At about 1:07 PM on July 8, 2001, I joined SX. Thinking it'd be like every other message board I had ever visited, I'd hang around for maybe a week, then leave. That was not the case, as here I am, three years later. Still annoying all of you :p .

I first found this site in June 2000, looking for Saturn emulators. I was planning on buying a Saturn that summer anyway (as I was hardly going to the arcade anymore, and I couldn't live without VF, and I had played the MegaDrive version absolutely to DEATH already). I found the site via a link from Destination Emulation. I'd visit the site a little over the next few days, trying to download Fighters Megamix, but to no avail.

I bought my Saturn on August 19, 2000. I had completely forgotten of SX by that time, but I had at last owned a 3D VF2. After four and a half years of playing at the arcade, I could finally play the 3D, arcade version at home. I bought the Saturn, Virtua Cop, Daytona USA, and Virtua Fighter 2 for $36.52, and my mom bought me Fighters Megamix ($17) for me as well. I was ecstatic. I finally had my Saturn! I had begged and pleaded my dad for the week before, but he didn't want me to buy an "obsolete" console....

I played my Saturn to death. Absolutely to death. But there was a problem... I HAD NO SOUND! Turns out the RF Adaptor had pins broken/missing. I had to swap the A/V Cables for the RF Adaptor when I bought my Saturn, because the TV I was connecting it to didn't have A/V plugs. I was kicking myself a month later, as I moved my Saturn and N64 to the other TV across the room, and that had A/V jacks!

After going through the most hellish time of my life (Late August - Early June 2001. Hereby known as "8th Grade), summer was finally here. I was playing my Saturn one day (July 7, 2001), and I had remembered that site "SegaXtreme" had I visited the year before at my dad's (I had no computer at my mom's until September 2000). Remembering it's kick ass site design, I checked it out to see if it was still around. Thankfully it was. Browsing around, I noticed that they no longer had the kick ass site design was replaced by still images, and had no flash stuff, and no longer had games for download. No big deal, as I had no way to play them on my Saturn. Or did I? Turns out there was an FTP section on the boards, and that interested. I also read how to do the swap trick on my Saturn.

I registered around 1:07 PM on July 8, 2001. My first post was, of course, about my burning troubles. Akuma, remember all the trouble I had? ;) I had tried so many progs: NTI CD Maker 2000, NTI CD Maker 3.1 (Thanks Megametalgreymon!) Easy CD Creater 4.0, EZCD Pro, CDRWin. It was hell. EZCD Pro wouldn't read my burner, nor would NTI 3.1 I could burn in NTI 2000, but got no sound from my games, CDRWin I didn't know how to make a damn cuesheet (still don't). I eventually figured out my problem. I needed to install ASPI. I easily went through over twenty coasters before I figured this out :damn: EZCD Pro worked for me then, and I trashed all the other progs (save for Easy CD Creator 4). Since I had figured out how to burn games, I was done with SX. But it kept drawing me back. Was it the community feeling? Was it the fact I had found a place where Sega fans like myself could go, and not be laughed at? Hell I don't know...

I met IceMan2K, and heard about Litespeedcomputers. I remember meeting him by asking about buying a 32x, and he said he had one. I would've gotten mine a month or so sooner, but I demanded I get one with the box. I bought it from him for $25 ($20 + $5 shipping). He had to work for it, but he got it for me. I'm still glad he came through for me.

I got my 32x on a Tuesday in the first week of August 2001, I got my games I ordered (Virtua Fighter, Star Wars Arcade, Doom, and Virtua Racing) two days later on Thursday. I spent over $75 on my 32x. The games were in the UPS box inside my house when I got up, and mom said she didn't bring it in or anything.... How did the games get inside my house?

Now that I had my 32x, I focused on getting a Sega CD. I had all these dreams of many other consoles, so I started posting all these "What games do you recommend" in the console-specific forums.

I played Dreamcast for the first time in August 2002 (August 15 - 16 I believe), the very first game I had ever played on Dreamcast was Shenmue. I read about the VF-style fight scenes, and that's all I wanted. I never got far enough, but the game seemed cool to me. My cousin put in Crazy Taxi (it was his DC), and we played that NON-STOP the next two days. When we watched True Lies that night, I had my hands on the DC controller at all times. I had never held a more comfortable controller in my life! It fit like a glove!

I was getting to be known around SX as the FF Fanboy.

I remember posting a bunch of questions about the DC: (Funny ass thread)

The online one I kept asking over and over again....

I finally got a Mega CD the first week of November 2001. I ordered this one from Ice as well. Cost me $55 ($50, + $5 shipping). I had wanted a Model 1, but I eventually gave in, and went after a Model 2 I was so desperate for a Mega CD.

I got into trouble with SkankinMonkey on SX late December 2001. One of Fabrizo's friends started going on and on about FF, and Skank thought it was me. He banned me, but I could still access the boards. He then banned me permanantly . I could've see the boards! I managed to convince Arakon to unban me (THANK YOU ARAKON! :bow). But then Skank started messing with my post count. I'm about 600 posts less than where I should be (mal! You listening? ;))

I finally got my DC on Sunday January 6, 2002 at 1:20 PM. I was originally gonna get VF3 with it, but that would've extended the wait by a couple weeks. I decided on a cheaper game. It took me forever to decide between Crazy Taxi, NFL 2K1, and NBA 2K1. I eventually decided on NBA 2K1. I went in on a Saturday (January 5, 2002) and the last DC they had was sold JUST BEFORE I walked in. I begged and pleaded my mom to take me again the next day. She called Babbage's for me, and reserved a DC for me. On Sunday, January 6, 2002, for $70.99 I got a Dreamcast, VMU, and NBA 2K1. That was about all I played for a month, until I started burning DC games... :damn:

2002 seemed pretty uneventful for me here at SX. Although 2002 did bring the Game of The Day/Game of The Week to SX!

Wait! Nevermind! 2002 brought the biggest event in SX history! SuperYoshi!

At the end of 2002, and a little into 2003, RevQuixo came back to SX. Not a lot of people were thrilled at him being back. He banned my beloved Mysticales, and did some things I didn't like. I decided to stay away from the boards for a few weeks. I didn't last more than a few hours, and I was back. I'm just addicted to SX.

Not much happened for most of 2003 either...

Hm.. I went on a DC game shopping spree on June 3, 2003 at about 1:00 PM

Bought a PS2 July 2, 2003,

Bought a Game Gear in August 2003,

Bought an NES October 2003

Got a Nomad (FINALLY!) for Xmas

Bought a GameCube with my Xmas money.

Oh and, bought a new Mac in November 2003.

I gotta job!

Although I lost it four months later...

Anyone remember my big dedication essay I wrote for the Dreamcast?

And I did get into quite a scuffle with that punk Gallstaff...

And now we're halfway through 2004.

What all has happened this year? (It's hard to believe I used to think those were great scores...) (Perhaps the worst thread ever... :D)

Boy... it sure as hell has been a fun ride. Three years and counting. I like to think of all of us as a big family. I've met some of the greatest people ever here.

August 2001, I met Lockecole2. I asked him for help with his FTP. He gave me a private account, and we started talking. Nearly three years later, he is the greatest guy I have ever known. He is my absolute best friend, and I couldn't ask for a better friend than him. We're practically brothers! He's also My Bitch! :D :lol:

On November 16, 2003, I saw the most beautiful girl I had ever seen in my entire life. Her name was Des-ROW. Originally, I didn't like her at first. She was quite different. But I started to like her a bit, and when I saw her on that faithful day in November, I instantly fell in love. A Love at First Sight kind of deal, but I got to know her. I don't know how, but I actually managed to get the courage to talk to her outside of SX! Des is the most fascinating, and interesting person I know. I love you Des! :wub:

Ice: What can I say? You started SX! And you sold me a 32x and Mega CD!

mal: You have all my respect. You demand all the respect in the world. I respect you more than anyone on here.

Arakon: Well, he was the man, then he disappeared. He's still THE MAN!

Skank: Thanks for messing with my fucking post count (should about around 2580 I believe....)

racketboy: One of the coolest people I've ever met. Also, you're giving me all your Sega Visions!

MasterAkumaMata: Uh... well... You're always the one making fun of me. Especially of me and my love for Des. Oh well! You're still cool either way! It's all good!

ExCyber: Oh man.. I absolutely worship you and your vast knowledge! Mr. Knows Everything about EVERYTHING, I'll always try and go study something, and wonder "How the hell does he know so much?"

Fabrizo: I don't know what the hell happened to you, but you were a pretty cool guy. Come back soon!

Ratamahatta: See Fabrizo

I can't believe it's been three years. 2500+ posts as well.... Here's to SX, and great friends! I love/hate you all! :cheer
Three Years It's Been...

and I though I had a lot of time on my hands...


nice to have you around though
Three Years It's Been...

Heh.. It took me close to six hours to make that post! Reading all the old threads and such.

And it's still not as long/big as I'd like! I just rushed it towards the end there. With all those links.....
Three Years It's Been...


A very well-written post; it shows six hours worth of work.

My one year anniversary is coming up, can you do a topic like this for me? It can be a roast if you like.
Three Years It's Been...

Originally posted by Cloud121@Jul 8, 2004 @ 04:44 PM

Yeah Yeah.....

I hate alcohol anyway. Unless it's Champagne.

Hell.... let's whip out a bottle of champagne right now!

*Pours himself and Des a glass*

Three Years It's Been...

Originally posted by joe81@Jul 8, 2004 @ 10:00 PM

i started lurking here 3 years ago didn't get around to joining till sep

I lurked forever too.

I was resident lurker before Resident Lurker :)
Three Years It's Been...

Originally posted by Cloud121@Jul 8, 2004 @ 04:44 PM

Yeah Yeah

I hate alcohol anyway. Unless it's Champagne.

You're supposed to call it Sparkling Wine unless it is from France. :hehehe:
Three Years It's Been...

Originally posted by Des-ROW@Jul 8, 2004 @ 06:47 PM

Let's all have a glass of serpent blood and vodka!

Just serpent blood for me. :yum
Three Years It's Been...

WHA?! NO! Nicole is my girl!

I really need to call her....

Oh and Des, I'll have some! :cheers