ST key

Does anyone here know how to work CD-r's with the Saturn Mod chip ST key? I picked it up a while back when I got Grandia (the real thing, not a burn) and a few other imports. So far it's worked great so I'd like to know if it will work just as well on burnt games. I think the Saturn is model two, as the buttons are bean shaped and not round.
st-key is imports only


you need a modboard or to use the swaptrick to boot cd-rs (see misc section for swap)

alos if you have an older 20-pin saturn you may be unable to get a modboard for it, to check open it up and count the number of pins on the cd drive ribbon cable, it will be either 20 or 21, the 21 pins are model 2's where as the 20 pins are model 1's (all round button units are model 2's, however some oval button ones are model 2's as well)
megametalgreymon is right. The ST-Key's function is not to bypass the copy protection, but the territory lock protection so you can play imports (BTW, the other way to bypass this protection is to use the Saturn Country Code Changer on your image file before you burn).

It's either swap or have a mod board installed to play backups. If you need help/instuctions on how to swap, check out the FAQs on the misc. section or browse these forums.
Thank you for you advice.

heh, I don't suppose you could direct me to a place with a mod chip? I just checked SX's SegaStore.

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