Star Control

amazing graphics for the time, never really had the patience to play it in a linear rpg way. remember enjoying the hell out of the meelee mode though. all the evil alien races are really cool, so are the kamikaze racoon/monkey things. the cart had something like a 70$ price tag long before sf2 came out on the genesis. now you can find it at flea markets for less than 2$ because it'll only run on genesis's made after 1991 with a swap. kinda sad to see it lumped together with millions of copies of budokahn and phantasy star 3 though as it is a really good game. wish i could remember the name of the old macintosh/wwiv door space conquest game that it's loosely based on. also, cool as star control may be, star flight is way better
I have a complete copy (box,manual,ship guide,etc.) of the first game for the Genesis. I've never really gotten into it though because of it being "MOSTLY" centered on the melee combat aspect though.

Now Star Control II? That's a totally DIFFERENT story.. First time I ever played it I'd just bought a brand new 3DO. Seeing as how I had to sell my left nut for the 3DO.. I rented 3DO games for quite some time. I kept this game out from my local vid store for three weeks and the manager loved me.. but i finally finished it. I have NEVER.. EVER.. enjoyed another game as much since. In later years I DID score a complete 3DO copy off of eBay. I even still drag it out occasionally. I've bought and played the PC version as well.. but IMHO.. the 3DO version of Star Control II is the best ever.. period.
hi, i think im a little late with this one, but anyway here's a link for the new port of starcontrol 2 (this will work on WinXP i think). An interesting open source project. The developer behind sc2 donated the source and media to the community.

star control 2 website