Stardust Source Code

Well, I've decided to put up a location where you can download the Stardust source code. Notice that it might be slightly broken right now (since I hardly remember when was the last time I compiled it).

Several problems, including the fact I can't really compile stuff, and have another project to attend, made me chose this option. This code uses heavily the SGL and expects a "Common" directory with the work area, mutch like the samples do.

I will get back on it, as soon as I get my life together. For the moment, I dediced to make this a GPL Open Source licence release, so I can have minimal security over it...

Stardust 0.007 - (Nature Favours Assimetry) Source Code:

I changed the Stardust page accordingly:

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Nice Move TakaIsSillyi, I hope that someoone can take over the proyectsoon enough... Since we hardly have some time.

(Edited by Artemio Urbina at 5:49 pm on Feb. 16, 2002)
Do you remember what game(s) it's capable of running? Even if only partially; it would be nice to have a place to start...
Hn, it runs PONG.SMC aka Super Pong, that's over at ... It also gave some good results with a game that had ChibiMarukoChan as the header name. Emulation of some more complex games, like Mario, is quite advanced, but it crashes somewhere in between. It also loads ROMS up to 1Mb of size. The reason it doesn't run more games it's sure to the leftovers of the 'froggy' core, and due to the fact it only emulates the First BG of Mode1. It's CPU emulation is quite unusual from standards (ie. it uses a weird method of updating flags). But DMA seems to work in general and the 65c816 opcodes are pretty mutch correct, individually. I'll awnser any questions about it, since I haven't really heavily commented the source.