Stay away.....


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Stay away from the Sega and Squaresoft "forums". My god! I only like going to the Square boards to look at all the idiots and morons they got there. Those guys just make poll after poll after poll, and a bunch of other senseless, useless crap. All I gotta say is:

Stay away!
Here is a poll:

Should we STAY AWAY?

Yes or No?

(Hint: If you respond to this with an answer and you're not doing it in a sarcastic manner, you are probably the kid running in my signature).
Other than having a really offensive image attached to his/her posts, what did BigDalcala do to get banned? Or was that it? (I sure think it's enough)...
Oh yeah, if you think it's offensive, I'll change it. The last thing I want to do is offend anyone. Every stupid joke I bring to this board is done out of sheer fun.
If you want a funny picture, try finding the one where Bush was trying to get Stevie Wonder's attention by waving his arms.

. . .

Just reading about it (it's true, sadly) made my brain hurt.
HAHAHAHA bush is a pathetic loser that let 9-11 happen so he could play the big hero. too bad he couldn't of pulled it in july so it would rymthe with 7-11. see 9-11 was another one of those big american fuck ups, i mean where else can someone from texas get the most powerful title on earth i mean comon ppl. but bush is funny. i really wish gore woulda got elected instead.
Are you kidding? ??? Bush isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, but Gore's just as stupid, he's just better at using big and complex words just so he won't sound so dumb.

I'll never forget those classic debate words Bush's "strategery" and Gore's "lockbox"

There really was no good choice for President this last election.

It's the only election in recent memory that I doubt either candidate could spell "president". LOL