STesting code with Saturn Emulators...

Sorry for being such a pain in the ass.

I want to test some of the pre-compiled Sl.bin files on an emulator. Speed is not the issue, I don't mind watching something play at 4fps. I'm using Satourne Uk edition and every time I click on "Load Saturn Binary", and click and click a binary file, and then click, "Run", I get the error message, "Opcode invalide." Any idea what I'm doing wrong? Again I'm sorry for posting so much, once I get my developers environment setup I promise to leave you guys alone until I have something worthwhile to contribute.
Try this instead. When you start the emu, -first- hit run until you start seeing stuff being drawn on the screen. Then pause it. Now try loading your binary, enter the start address, then hit run again. It must be a bug in the program.

Cyber Warrior X
doesn't "invalid opcode" mean something like "cpu command not implemented yet"? well, if not i was misinformed for years... ???
Invalid Opcode usually means the current data being read isn't a valid opcode, but other data. Not sure why satourne comes up with that error. I would assume it might be because none of the registers, etc. have been properly initialized, etc.