Stolen dc

Well my place was broken into this past tuesday. They took my t.v. , cd's, and watches, but what hurt the most was they took my DC and games.
police do shit unless your rich and/or powerful or have friends like that. all they'll do is check the pawn shops and unless you got all yur shit tagged they'll never find it
Even if a pawn shop gets your shit, they'll act like asses. If my place gets broken into, I'll have to explain a dead body.
dood several signs that say: Warning any and all trespassers will be shot, any survivors will be shot again! i am going to get my lawyer to make sure its all good and then ehehehe.
I haven't had anything stolen from me, but then again I guess it wouldn't be so usefull. I have too much stuff which won't work with English version products, as well as Music CDs, ect which they can't re-sell even if they wanted to since no one would buy it.
depends on what CDs they are. I have some pretty odd things in my collection including a 12" of kaoma's "llambada", a 12" scooter album (see logo) and Zorba's dance on CD :) I even have an incredibly cheesy house remix of duran duran's girls on film
Actripxl, I noticed your local as Miami,FL/Dominican Rep. , Santo Domingo. You Dominican? I only ask as my wife is from Santiago, D.R. Been there including Santo Domingo. Beautiful country, nice people.

By the way, If you are looking for a replacement, I don't know if they have them in Fla, but there is a video rental chain out here in the west called Hollywood Video. They have an attached gaming store called Game Craze. They sell used DC's for $40. Just a heads up, don't know if it does you any good.
man thats harsh, if my stuff got stolen id go postal on everyone

good luck in finding the cheap homo that stole it, and if ya do break his knees. heh.