Strange Asian Megadrive

I got hold of an asian Megadrive the other day, but it was a wierd model that I have never seen before. Basically, the machine looks the same as any asian Megadrive 1, is PAL and everything, but the RF lead is built into the machine. You can't unplug it from the back of the machine, because the wire goes inside it. I don't think it's a fake either.

But now to my question(s): Has any of you ever seen one of these before, and can you tell me if there are any differences in the 50/60Hz modification method compared to a normal asian Megadrive 1?

Or in other words, is the inside of the machine any different to the normal Megadrive 1? I don't want to open it until I can be sure if it can be modded or not, because of it's security sticker. Then I couldn't take it back.

Thanks guys.
seen those before. if you look at the back of most model 1 MDs, there's actually a hole to lead the cable through. nothing unusual.
Mu cousin has one of these.

Back in 1990, before people had their fancy SCART sockets and 60Hz compatibility on their PAL TV's, imported MegaDrives used to be internally modded into *forced* PAL mode with no switch. These machines were known as TV versions. You'd buy a TV version if you were a poor person using a TV, and the SCART version if you were one of those rich people with Amiga monitors with SCART sockets.

While doing this, they fitted an RF unit into the machine while they were at it. These usually came with a little toggle switch so you could change the transmission frequency.

So there you go
This modded one is a hacked one, probably hacked by an importer pre-1991 when import machines were cheaper than official ones.