Strategy/textbased rpg

I've played alot of Shining Force III lately, and I really like the way you move around your characters and choosing who shall be in range of an enemy attack and not just stand in line waiting for the enemy to bash your head right in.

But that RPG is very linear if you compare to the Phantasy Star games, where you can (when not in a fight) go where ever you want, and that makes collecting money and experience points alot funnier IMO. But when it comes to fighting they all stand in line ready to get bashed without a chance to move (at least in the first 4 games, haven't played the -Online version)...

Anyhow, the thing I'm wondering is; is there an RPG-game where you get free movement both in the fights and in the rest of the game... for the Saturn, and in English?

And even one where you control alot of different characters like in SFIII? Because I think PDS fullfill all of my wishes, except you just control Edge and that Dragoon all the time, right?
Mystaria Realms of lore (also called Blazing heroes) is what you want i think: it has Shininf Force style battles and you can walk around the worldmap as much as you want. Thought, the second game Blazing Heroes 2 is much better, but in japanese). Also in english i would say Shining the holy ark. It hasen´t that strategic fights, but you can go wherever you want to, whenever you want to and there are loads of secrets to find. Also, Albert Odysee Legend of eldean and Magic Knight Rayearth seems to be like that. I haven´t played them thought.