Streets of Rage 4: UEI Edition

:smash Hey all,

I'm new to the board and all so what's up? Well just come to tell you that a new Streets of Rage is under way created by me. I can already see your face of disbeliefe, which is of course true for most people who here about this. How ever though, I do have proof of it's defelopment (intrigued? lol). Head over to my site at and go to the project page and advance. There you'll find the SOR4:UEI Edi. pages, where you can find pictures, informations, and even a few downloads! Hows that for proof? Make sure you have something like GoZilla handy as well. Well untill later SOR FANS! :cheers
Well you made me curious....but somehow, the links to the buggy movie aren't working, neither in .avi or .mpeg

Ok I'ma go check that out now. My servers might have just been off for the night but I dont know. I think it should be on now, but I'ma go verify that now.

The linke should be working now. To check to see if the server is on, go to the Emu page and there should be a button that tells the satus of the server. Wait till the entire page is loaded first thoguh
Hum the links dont seem to work all the time,but i managed to see some pictures.You seem to be rocking on the game :lol: Good work :)

Now you made me be :drool:

It's been on recently now. Sometimes it stops and all, but it's on now. Go to the Emu page first and wait for the entire page to load to find out the status of the server.
Yall ready for a Buggy Fighting Engine Download?

Considering that summer is now over,

and that there may be more work to be done/ or is halph done, I've decided to have available a buggy preview Fighting Engine download that will be available as soon as I put in one or two more attacks in, as long as that's alright with all of yall lol.
Who here has tried the download? If you have downloaded it opon notice, then download a fresh copy again. Changes have been made. If you downloaded it eirler, then it was running way too slow upon game play. This one should be at it's normal speed.


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"SOR4 Fighting System Buggy Tester" doesn't work on my PC :( . I have "unexpected error" after the loaading bar. What is needed to run this EXE ?
You need, Win98 or higher, about 10mb or so hard drive space, the latest version of Direct X, about 8mb of video memory (best results in 32mb) 250mb of Ram (best result recorded in 512mb). That's about it. If the unexpected error comes back again, then restart your computer and run the game before anything else. Make sure no extra programs, like those in the lower right coner arent running. If theproblem persists, download a fresh copy. :ph34r:
WOW you got my attention looks excellent plus the fact that the game is in 2d helps too. I will be keeping an eye on this.

I tried to get the game but the download won't even work anyone else having this issue?
:ph34r: What up yall,

I know it's been a long time since I've been here talking about SOR4: UEI Edi. So here's what's up. The project has reached a development platue in which development is slowing down. In short, I'ma a little tired. So I've been studing a few programs while on the plateu. The main reason for the plateu is because of everything that is involoved with it.

Here's what I'm asking. I need help from anyone who is willing. If you help, you'll get your name entered into the game credits. What I'm asking you to do is some sprite hacking for me, which is not as difficult as it sounds. You dont even have to be a programmer to get the sprites. All you need is two programs, Genecyst and the Rom. Or if you want to work with combining the images, then you can also use Animation Shop . If your interested, then post a reply. If you whish it can be one character per person, or if you really want to help, more than one character per person.

:blink: -Thank you for All of you Support- :lol:
Yo yall wuzup,

Hey I know it's been a long time but just dropin a line to let you know the progress. I've been working really hard this summer in working on this project. Comming with major rewards as well. Fighting system is comming along, but I've mainly been working on the menues as of late. Over the net there was a temporary fast access download for BPDv1.2Pre, but it's not available anymore. If anyone is interested in getting it, you can chat with me, but really I'm giving to those who want to help with the project. The site has moved to a new URL at . More current update are posted there. Site needs updateing but you u will find some stuff there than at the geocities site. Here are some of the recent improvements:

*Custom Controls

*Newly desighned and structured "systems"

*Newly desighned menues

*Faster loading

*Particle systems

*New modes

*Added playable characters (more than 10)


*Nearly completed character code

*Improved battle FX

*Added sound tracks

*Damagable Enemies

* :damn: Screen action

*New enemys and desighn

As you can see, there are alot of improvements and they keep comming. Keep watching to see what's new :) L8a
Hey everyone!

I know it's been a long time since I been here but here I am. The game if you like to know is comming well. Hopefully by the time I get a few things done, I can release a Level 1 BEta demo with about 3 playable characters! Heres what I have to do :

*Impliment the rest of the Animation for Zan and Blaze

*Totally finish the throwing system (nearing it's completion finally!)

*Create a usable weapon

*Finish all jumping attack

*Add at least two more enemies to create a variaty (right now only one)

That's about it! Along with the new demo is also expected another trailer movie, so keep watch for that! Lastly, the site URL has changed to in which you can find the most current stuff about the project, as well as much more than you've ever seen on any other site! So check that out. Till next time SOR fans!