WHOO!!!!!! GO KASUMI!!! kasumi IS the reason i play doa2

hehehe...i have guilty pleasure of using chun-li in every street fighter games. i mean inclusion of chun-li and giving her new set of sprites was one of the strong points about Street Fighter III: Third Strike! She;s been in like every other street fighter games, except for SF3:NG and SF3:SI

Anyway, why the would anyone even need a pause button in Street Fighter games if it werent for chun li?
i dont use women in street fighting games

i used some cool dude in SOR 3 i forget the name though

so basically what im hearing is that all of them kick big body ass but the best is SOR 2?
Speaking os SF2 let me see how many of you know what chun li says...This is a VERY dirty girl...

When she wins she says "HAHAHA Ya Suck (Sauck)"

And when you make her do upside down kick she says "King size dick"

Not so innocent is she?


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Chick characters seem to kick the most ass. Sarah is my best fighter in VF (and the most babelicious :) :biggrin:, not only that, but she can take ANY other character from any fighting game!). In DOA Kasumi is my best fighter (one other thing too, She's HOT!) in DOA2 my best tag team are Kasumi + Ayane (HOT!). In SOR I'm Axel most of the time. SOR2 and SOR3 I'm Blaze the most (guess why ;)). Sakura is pretty kick ass in SFA2.


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Play Virtua Fighter 2, 3, and 4 (from what I've seen of 4, Sarah's gonna look as babelicious as ever! :) :biggrin:) You're basically saying that all female fighting babes are made up of blocks. They're called Polygons.

ive never bothered with vf2 and vf3...although vf4 looks simply amazing. vf3tb was one of the games i was really looking forward to when i got my dreamcast, but i got doa2le instead ^_^ nothing beats kasumi/ayane combo in school-girl costumes and lei-fang in s&m. i say, screw soul calibur!

and the sarah in my mind is that...thing...thats made up of huge chunks of blocks and triangle boobs. even her cameo poster in virtua cop 2 made her look really...blocky
I liked the first one the best although it might not be fair of me to say that because I don't recall much about SOR3. I just know it has the best graphics in the lot but it was made near the end of the genesis and had 24 megabits of memory for the sucker.