summary of my last night

Not like anyone cares neither do i care if they care, but i'm bored.

Randomly called people while drunk

40 something chubby lady stole my phone to the amusment of her friends

my friend found 2 ugly girls that were in their later 30s made out with the one i got stuck with the other. spent the rest of my time trying to annoy the lady i was with that and i keept leaving to call this girl that i really like a lot. she was annoyed by me but what ever at least is showed i care(i hope)

Made a phone call to the girl i really like(love) while at the table with the ugly lady and my friend. I said something like "wish you were here for you can get me the hell out of here and save me from these fucking ugly girls my friend is making out with"
Dude, this is a message board, not a blog.
Sounds like one helluva night. Hope today gets better for you.

It's been raining here the past week, kinda depressing.
i wasn't complaining hell i had fun just it was a summary i was bored when i wrote it nobody was online

it's nice her in NE pa
I havent seen the sun in SE PA in a week!!!

I LOVE going out cruising with the top off on a nice spring day. It's my definition of total freedom.
I was hanging out at a park at 330am and playing with silly putty with this girl and a cop came by and made us leave :/

He was like 'it's late' and I wanted to say 'shut the fuck up'

Disturbing my mackin skillz... :/