super nintendo emulation

wasup everyone?!

i was wondering what is the BEST super nintendo emu for DC??

i have dreamsnes but is only at 90% full speed so its kind of slow with some games!!

thats all

that's the best there is.

why are you posting this again, if your question has been answered directly below already?
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as u can tell am new at this message board stuff. i posted a message didn't see it on the thread so i thought i did something wrong so i posted it again.

jumping to conclusions. thats whats lame

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Learn which "emoticons" mean what, and then you won't misread what people much ;)
Anyway, what BoBo said in the other thread is correct - DreamSNES is currently the best SNES emulator for Dreamcast.

The following was posted on the DreamSNES homepage on Dec. 21:

"Numerous persons have mailed me asking for some kind of progress report on the next release. Well, since it's been rather many months since the last release, I figured I might deviate from my principles a little and actually give you one. All in the spirit of X-mas and so on...

Although we have all been doing other stuff, progress has not been nonexistent since the last release. The biggest endeavor has been getting the assembler CPU emulation core in place. While there's still bugs left, it does run at least some games properly. And it does improve speed by some percent at least.

A considerable amount of effort has also been made on moving the emulation of the sound CPU over to the ARM CPU on the Dreamcast. Unfortunately, it now looks like the ARM is too slow for this to be a feasible solution, being clocked at only a disappointing 2.8 MHz.

Other developments include a new input system, which removes the need to configure controller types. Suitable controller emulation will automatically be chosen based on what DC controllers are attached at the time being.

All in all, stuff are still happening, but there's still to much to do for another X-mas release to be possible. But fret not, I predict that we will find some other appropriate holiday to use. :)"

To be honest, I can't help but think that the 2.8MHz clock for the AICA ARM is a typo, since Saturn had a much faster sound CPU, and even the Genesis sound CPU runs at 3.58MHz...
what do you shut up 'curtis' is none of your business! hehehe, j/k!!

just want to say thanks for the info 'excyber'

i know some games do run pretty smooth even with sound!

metal warriors is one of those games

anyways, just want to say thanks for the replies!!


'had have a productive new year'