Supreme warior

I believe it was released for both the sega-cd and the 32x , also the 3do and maybe the playstation .

Even though there out of business now one thing they did do right was make their sofware for every platform available , alot of these games were also made for mac and pc as well .

I hated this game on sega cd , never played it on the 3do or 32x even but id be willing to bet id hate that one 2 . Alot of fmv games are horrible to play already but a fighting one was a really bad idea the controlls are horrible and after a few seconds of gameplay if you mess up you gotta wait a minute for the game to load up again and watch all the bullcrap .

Id say this game is one of the worst games ive ever played , i played it for a few hours and then traded it in a couple of days later .
I have seen both versions ( 32x and SCD ) .. Also, there is a 3D0 version with a smidge cleaner graphics and quicker loads .. Have never seen a Playstation version though ..
I know most people hate the game, but could anyone discribe how it was played? To my understanding, it was a first person FMV game, which makes me curious how they did it as a Fighting game.
I have the 3DO version of this game, It was given to me with my FZ1.

Trenton net asked how the game was set up, so here's a brief description.

It was built with first person perspective style footage with the opponent in front of you. Your character was represented by a pair of animated floating hands, and if you pressed any of the buttons in combination with a D-pad direction you got a action. For example, pressing the A button with the D-Pad did punches. (and so on)

The direction you pressed determined which hand (or foot) you used.

In my opinion this was a horrible game. the player's character got out of breath quickly as you franticly threw kick after kick trying to hit something.

It was too difficult to know when to thow an attack due to the fact that distance is hard to judge in a grainy 2D movie, not to mention the poorly designed control interface.

I never liked Digital Pictures titles, i always thought that the ideas they turned into games would have been much better as regular movies. Fact of the matter is.... I hate FMV games.

im guessing if youve ever played Prize Fighter in the sega cd, then you'll know what this one is like.. thats what i'm guessing its like..

i actually enjoyed playing prize fighter despite the grainy black and white graphics.
I can complete the game easily with the "Expert(Red,which is the most difficult one)" easily:)

I am now seeking for this game which is on Sega CD version(Not 32X)