Swapping Laser Damage?

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Does doing the swap trick on a Model 2 saturn hurt the laser? If I do it, how many times do you have to do it to see damage? Im thinking about doing it until my mod comes *around next monday* because I have no games for saturn right now and I want to play my backups!

hehe, those are really not backups like antime said... :

I'm not saying that you shoulnd play them, but call them just copies or something, there's nothing wrong it that... I think ???

And if it coming next monday why don't u just wait...

Though I don't think it hurts swapping... if well done at least...
Yea I know, but the games I have "backups" of I used to really own. Until back in the day when my mom sold them all to someone. ??? So it doesnt really do laser damage... misaligning the laser, etc?
Once again, I think If u are careful your saturn will survive, just do that single swap, if u want to be extra careful.

Single Swap: Insert your copy, turn saturn ON.

Wait until the copied cd STOPS!

Insert one original cd (a bootleg for example)

Press reset! When the original speeds up after being rotating slowly, swap to the copy!

The game should boot normally.

You must tape (or do something else) the door switch. (Inside the saturn)
"My games are backups of what I used to own 'till my Mom sold all the originals."

Riiiight. So why did you make all those backups in the first place? Did your Mom sell your originals with your permission/knowledge? Did she have any idea what they were, what their value was, how/where to sell them? Did you get the money? (And if you did, why not spend it on a mod board?)

C'mon, we at SX have more brains than that, so come up with something better.
Ok I wont lie with you... I am not about to debate your views on piracy... and such... If I really like a game or the time put into it by the companies that make it, I will buy it... If you can get things free then why not? I know there is about a million of you guys about to jump on me... But I told you I won't argue... This isnt what I started this thread for in the first place... And if you have an FTP section on the site, there is no way you guys can think someone burns a game and plays it for 24 hours and throws it in the trash... Get real. No offense to you or anything Taelon your one of my favs!
Originally posted by Jaded God@Nov. 28 2002, 8:17 pm

there is no way you guys can think someone burns a game and plays it for 24 hours and throws it in the trash...

The "24h rule" is pure fiction and has no legal grounds.
It probably isn't. Hosting the actual games definitely isn't. If anyone has tried to convince you otherwise, that person is either misinformed or deliberately lying. As you have just demonstrated, there is an enormous amount of disinformation going around.
model 2 saturn have the round buttons?

I insert the backup then right after you hear the laser stop reading, put your index finger in the little nook in the cd drive and *flip* the disc out. pop in an original, let it spin and then do the same just before the black screen.

It works well for me, and I doubt it has much of an adverse effect on the motor since I am only flipping it, and not stopping the thing altogether
So your saying you flip it from the bottom up? Lick tap it upwards on the bottom of the cd... I have a 4-in-1 Cart so How do I model 2 swap with it the right way?
Ok I feel helpful today so...

1. Swaping WILL NOT DAMAGE the laser unit or any part of the saturn. The simple reason is that unlike the highly destructive psx swap the saturn is a smart console. If the unit senses that the motor has stopped moving (either because you are holding the disc or something has jammed it) it immediately cuts all power to the motor. It then waits a bit and tries to restart the motor, again stopping if it senses that it isn't moving. The psx on the other hand will continuosly attempt to power the motor and spin it, this is why psx drives burn out so much when you try to swap on them, it's too stupid to realize the motor can't move and tries to force it anyway. While in practice swaping on a saturn DOES cause some damage it is so minimal that you would have to do it several thousand times (in the 100,000 range) to actually have any noticable effects.

2. Swaping without any carts is simple. First insert the cdr into the drive, power on, when you hear the laser unit move (a gear grinding kinda woosh sound) swap it with the original, the drive reads the security at a slower speed, when you hear the laser unit move again swap in the cdr again and off you go. If you see the cdr spinning faster then slower than faster, etc, you were late on the second swap. The first swap is not very time critical but the second one is. If you missed it you can repeat the swaping again without having to reboot (since the saturn is looking for the security ring again). To practice take the case of the saturn and swap with it off, watch the laser unit move and listen for the sounds to get used to it. Once you get good at it just put the case back on.

3. Swaping with a cart is even easier. Just insert the cdr, then in the menus select to start the game, AS SOON AS YOU PRESS THE BUTTON swap in the original game, then swap back to the cdr like above. Simple.
hey Jaded God....thanks for that nice comment
dude, I wasn't going to be all over you for pirating games...enough of us do it, including me...that wasn't my point... just the "my mom sold all my original games" thing struck me as weird.
So is that really true? I'm curious to hear more of that story...
lol no.. I never even had a saturn when I was younger ??? lol. I did have a genesis at that time period though hehe.

And besides that my mom would never touch my stuff let alone sell anything.. Even when I was 10... She would let me do it if I wanted to... Hah I made it sound like I live with my mom and all and im like 2 years old... Nah.

I love you all
Taelon = god
By the way thanks gameboy!
I try to avoid the subject of "backups" and "burns" as much as I can, especially when I don't know how everyone feels about it here.. You know?
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