Taisen link cable support found in US version of Doom


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EU/JP versions of Doom had link cable support but it was made inaccessible in the US version, well now Mattfrie1 over at Doomworld managed to find a action replay code that unlocks it, but it's still untested so feel free to be a pioneer.

"It appears that the link-up modes are still potentially compatible in the North American version of the game. I've managed to locate the area in system memory that handles main menu choices, and by setting one single value to either 0001 or 0002 will set the game into link mode with the on screen message about attempting to connect. As I've mentioned previously in this thread, most of the elements about the multiplayer link modes are still mentioned in memory (Intermission screen text, number of frags, etc.) so there is a good chance that the link cable is still fully functional but just simply had the option to select it removed from the main menu. Unfortunately Saturn emulation currently doesn't emulate the link cable and I don't own one to test this out on actual hardware, but if anyone reading this happens to have the capability to test this out please let us know. The Action Replay code to enter is as follows:

1604A2B0 0001
1604A2B0 0002"