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It is a new year so I thought I would do a new game of the week

Tempo is a video game for the Sega 32X. There is a sequel of this game for the Game Gear called Tempo Jr., and another on Sega Saturn called Super Tempo.

The animated backgrounds and imagery is similar to the earlier Rayman games by Ubisoft. What makes this game unique is the highly smooth hand-drawn graphics ranging from backgrounds to sprites, which were more of a traditional cartoon rather than pixelated. Because it was released for the ill fated 32X add-on, it failed to find an audience but there is a small fan following.

I do not know why they had to jazz up the US cover but I think it looks horrible. If you want a good review or more information head over to Sega-16 Sega 16 Review


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Tempo was a new IP for sega, games were released on 3 seg consoles. Tempo Jr for GG, Super Tempo for Saturn and this 32x game. I guess it didn't have a big success even if it looks quite good. Maybe sega could reuse this new 'mascot' in other games, for instance in SEGA All-Stars Racing or even in a new sequel.