Thank you!! THANK YOU!! and a question...

First off, I wanted to say thank you to all of the knowledgable people posting here, as I've read through practically EVERY Saturn post on this board in the past month or so. I used to have a Saturn and a nice game collection years ago, but I ended up having to sell it because of financial problems at one point. Was I sad?? Very.

Anyway, when a certain emulator came out recently, I started "getting my collection back" so I could try it out. It was OK, but it wasn't right, and I realized again how much I missed my Saturn.

I guess I was ignorant in the fact that I always thought of this place as "the site that used to have Saturn ISO's." I came back here, frustrated with the emulator, looking for help on it. I instead became more interested with all of the hardware info. I always had thought that a Saturn modchip was supposedly really complicated and no longer available, and I was wrong on both counts. I made up my mind and decided to get my Saturn back.

I didn't want to take a chance on eBay of getting the wrong one, so I called the big Japanese game store down by my work which I used to get all of my Saturn stuff from. They carried EVERYTHING back then, and had PC Engine stuff years after it died, so I figured they would still have Saturn stuff. They did, but no consoles. Looked like it was eBay or no way.

I figured I'd just take a chance, and bid on one with round buttons. Also one that ended in the middle of the week (weekend auctions always end up for more). Before I did that, I ordered a modchip from Jandaman so that I would have it ready. Next, I had to search out my prey. I found it and won!!

I figured I got a pretty good deal, as it came with an analog controller and an 8MB backup. Only bummer was that it only came with an RF connection (no big deal, was gonna get an S-Video connector later anyway).

Won on Monday, paid on Tuesday, shipped on Wednesday, arrived on Thursday. It was the single best eBay transaction I ever had. I got home Thursday, and immediately had a big smile on my face. First hooked it up to the TV to make sure it just worked. Perfect!! This thing was in almost as good condition as mine before I sold it. Just needs a little cleanup with a wet cloth and a new battery. Now the big test. Got the screwdriver and chip, and went to work. Opened it up, and I had myself a 32-pin
Plugged in the chip, connected the power wire, took my chance and wired the blue right back to the chip on B. Put in Radiant Silvergun, and crossed my fingers. What?!? Oh yeah, forgot to push the cover-open switch. Off and on again, and presto!! It worked, and I was happy. Wait. What about a Japanese game? Put in Space Harrier. Nope. Not that kind of cart. Back to computer, rip, SatConv, re-burn, and try again. "GET READY!!"

Still reading?? Let's just say I'm very happy right now. My point was to say thank you to everybody for all of the information here. With all of the back research I did, I had the whole thing up and running in just ten minutes

Anyway, back to my question. Does anybody have there Saturn hooked up to their computer? I was thinking of getting an ATI TV Wonder or similar card, and hooking it up to the video-in, so that I have my game machines in one spot. That should work, right??

Thanks again,

Uhh congrats and stuff. Your TV wonder plan should work, but you'll need some kind of switching mechanism for hooking up multiple systems "in one spot".
I know for a fact it'll work lol, since I've been known to do similar things in the past. In the way of a switching device easy enough to find, I bought one for like $15 or something at gamestop and has 5 ports.
I have my Saturn hooked up to my computer... it works fine. I use an S-video cable from Lik-sang, plugged into my Pinnacle PCTV Rave tuner card and the two audio plugs plugged via a converter into my soundcard's Line In. Image quality is pretty good
Congrats on rebuilding your collection!

if you get your Saturn hooked up on your computer, check out the Gameplay Video Archive (link in my signature). Maybe you'll be able to help us out

Best of luck!