That ngcd cracking guide is good but...

but it seems your missing some games , I happen to have about 18 custom cracks , done for games that arent supported by your guide , i.e the ones that will check the disk at certain points in the game , its about 3 meg of cracks , I must have downloaded them several years ago , give me a place to put them and ill be glad to share
my cracks are perfect....dont need any cracks are for both in-game protection and cdz cracks....nothing else is needed.
hmmm....did you try my cracking tutorial/kit, version 0.5 or just the others....if you try version 0.5 kit and still have questions or whatever let me know Im curious as to what exactly you have.....If its my ancient cracks that I did a long time ago, then theyre only good for cdz consoles not the cd single speed....the newest cracks I did work on all home consoles.....please let me know what crackes you have, and for what games....I only need 8 more ngcds to complete my set, so maby you got me and tell me more info on what you have exactly and where you got them from....thanks. Oh and let me know what neo geo cds you have, you might have something I dont...
or vise versa maby we can me dude!!