! That Old ModChip Problem !


I'm a Newbie here, so no p*** taking. I've recently received a Saturn modchip from lik-sang and have just had my first (unsuccessful) attempt at fitting it.

First problem I encountered is that lik-sang's installation instructions point to the timing wire going to the 4th pin from the right (pin 13 on 32 pin chip) whilst other sites, such as the Saturn Rings site, point to the timing wire going to the 3rd pin from the right (pin 14 on 32 pin chip).

Which one is right???

To be honest - I've tried both and niether seems to work. I've searched for help on this forum - found a few references - but appear a little technical for me. Does it matter that I haven't as yet soldered the wire - just held it with tape so that it is touching a pin.

Any help on this matter would be much appreciated.


-= The Ade =-
Just solder the signal wire to the point marked with a 'B' on the modboard.

If you want to make it neater, remove the signal wire altogether and just bridge point 'A' (where the wire was attached) to point 'B' (right next to it).

See this thread for more details.