The best games on saturn

Tell me whats the best games on saturn for you

i think the best games on saturn is....Bomberman
I think the best games are definatly

1. Shinning Force 3 (All of them)

2. Radient Silver Gun

3. Sega Rally

4. Nights

5. Panzor Dragoon Saga

Thats in my opinion i love al those games, but there are so many more amzing games like Dragon Force and Guardian heros all amzing.
In no particular order...

Shinrei Jusatsushi Taromaru

Salamander Deluxe Pack Plus

Radiant Silvergun

Silhouette Mirage

Guardian Heroes

Capcom Generations Vol. 2

Burning Rangers

NiGHTS: Into Dreams

Panzer Dragoon

Panzer Dragoon Zwei
In no particular order.

Metal Slug

Radiant Silvergun

Marvel Vs Street Fighter

X Men vs Street Fighter

Panzeer Dragoon Saga

Daytona (the original)

Guardian Heroes

Street Fighter Alpha 2

Street Fighter Zero 3

Dead or Alive

The Saturn Rocked at 2D games!
Guardian heroes

Radiant Silvergun

Shining Force 3


Dragon Force

Panzer Dragoon (all of them)

Road Rash

Burning Rangers


Princess Crown
In no particular order:

Black Matrix


Guardian Heroes

Dracua X: Nocturne in the Moonlight

Shining Force 3 Trilogy

Sakura Taisen 1 & 2

Panzer Dragoon (Zwei & Saga)

Sega Rally

Shining the Holy Ark

Mystaria: Realms of Lore

Virtua Fighter 2

Dragon Force 1 & 2

Falcom Classics
I'm gonna have to go with.

DarkStalkers 3

Gaurdian Heroes

Magic Knight Rayearth

Panzer Dragoon Zwei


Shining Force 3
Deep Fear

Dracula X

Resident Evil

Vampire Saviour

Panzer Dragoon Series


Radiant Silvergun

Dead or Alive

Burning Rangers

Metal Slug

X-Men VS. Street Fighter/Marvel VS. Street Fighter

Shining Force III

Magic Knight Rayearth
For me personally I love shooter games:

1. Salamander Deluxe Pack

2. Gradius Deluxe Pack

3. Don pachi

4. Do Don Pachi

5. Hyper Duel

6. Thunderforce Gold Packs

7. Metal Slug

8. D&D Collection

9. SF: Zero 3 (alpha)

10. Capcom Generations 1, 2, 4, and 5


I could go on and on...but Saturn has a great collection of arcade and shooter games than playstation.

And the other games that the others mentioned are some of my favorites too...

Oh no ! Once again somebody asks for the best games on saturn, and once again people forget to mention Mr Bones ! This is the best game ever, on any system (well, at least for me


For the overall fun :

Super Puzzle Fighter

Legend of Oasis

Shining Force III

Blazing Dragons

For the Graphics :

Silhouette Mirage

Princess Crown

Psychik Killer Taromaru


Radiant Silvergun

For the gameplay :

Guardian Heroes

Die Hard Arcade

Marvel SH vs Street Fighter

Other games worth mentionning :

D&D Collection (which was THE reason why I bought a saturn

Warriors of Fate II

The Yakyuken Special

Bomberman with multitap, of course

Games I didn't play yet but which must be great :

Panzer Dragoon Saga

Dragon Force

Magic Knight Rayearth

My translation wishlist :

1. Princess Crown (oh yes, please

2. Grandia

3. Shining Force III scenarios 2&3

4. All rpgs !

And don't forget Mr Bones !

- Shining Force 3 (Trilogy)

- Shining the Holy Ark

- Story of Thor 2

- Panzer Dragoon Saga

- Guardian Heroes

- Burning Rangers

- Deep Fear