the broadband adaptor

does anyone here have a site with a reasonable walkthrough to the japanese bba passport software, i need to set it up but i dont speak japanese, so its not too easy

also if anyone has a method of connecting the bba to a pc netowrk could they share the mothod they use

thanks>You're going to be interested in the second half of that post. I actually just got my own adapter today (lik-sang has them back in stock for 119 USDollar) and spent the entire day figuring it out (I got it working so don't fret, stick with it!).

The first thing I have to tell you is to make absolutely sure you have it plugged in securely. I made this mistake already. It was plugged in enough to cause my hub light to come on (the light only comes on whenever a game or software in the DC needs the adapter by the way) but when I ran Quake 3A it kept giving me dial-up options instead of lan options. So make sure sure sure you get connected good.

Another tricky issue is where in internal memory us-developed and japan-developed online games store their network configuration information. Games developed in japan use different space than the us games. At least that's what I've read so far today, which has proven true in most of my cases.

Now, on to actually testing your bba. I run win2k server, but I use Internet Connection Sharing (ICS is the acronymn if you want to search on it). Assuming you're able to boot up the passport (I had to use utopia to boot it), that link I gave you is pretty accurate as far as which menu items correspond to which network settings. The part about pushing "down" 4 times isn't (it's actually like 5 or 6). At the main passport menu (where the tv drops down), just move the arrow over the option that gives you the 4 DC controller buttons (2nd from the bottom I think) and hit A. Now you can hit "down" 4 times (3rd from the bottom) and hit A.

Now you're in the network configuration and can follow the directions in the above link (starting at Menu 1). Most of the following screens have the two very bottom buttons as Back and Forward. When you get to the end of this process you'll be at a screen with 3 DC icons; choose the leftmost and hit A, then hit A again when you see the little dude waving the sign (One newsgroup article said he's warning you a password won't be saved... it's all Kanji to me so I have no idea.)

The configuration I used? I tried a whooooole bunch in the 7 hours I spent with the thing not plugged in right. If you're using ICS or DHCP you basically don't need anything, just pop in a bba enabled game and go (I only tested quake 3 so far, bomberman online gives me errors).

If you're using static IP, you pretty much have to configure everything. The IP I usually use is 192.168.0.x, x being in the range of 0-254 as 1 is often reserved for the ICS or DHCP machine, and 255 is used for broadcasting (DHCP uses this, I believe). Gateway for me was the ip address of the ICS or DHCP machine (I tried using both ICS and DHCP to route the connection and they both worked). Subnet (or netmask, or subnet netmask) was, indicating that the only portion of an address that will change on my network takes place in the last octet, or the .0 portion. I'm no networking guru but that's how I understand it. DNS settings I set to match those that my ISP gave me, although I'm not sure what you could do if you don't have those.

Menu 3 and 4 I didn't bother with. I think there's a 5th one too. Mine had sega of japan's url listed, so I just skipped past it too.

After saving you should be back at the screen where you selected the network options, you can just hit B here to get back to the main menu (with the Tv). Now choose the very bottom option to test your connection by using the passport's browser. If you get a (dsa;ljf;aksjdf;ljasldjf URL ;LFDASJKFL;J) error - notice the URL in the middle of the gobbledegook- or a (f;ldkajsf;lkdajsf DHCP a;lsdjflasjd) error - notice the DHCP in the middle of the gobbledegook- , then something's wrong. Otherwise you should be looking at Sega of Japan's site.

Some games also do their own network configuration (Quake 3 I know for sure has this because I tested it, Unreal and PSO v2 are known for this as well). So if you've got quake 3 or one of the others you shouldn't even need the passport. Quake 3, upon selecting an internet game, will change the config screen to lan options instead of dial-up if it detects the bba adapter connected. From there you can save your settings to the internal memory of the DC for use with other bba enabled games.

Whooo that was a mouthful, hope that helps.

Sorry for the long post everybody.
well, i spent an hour attempting to get the thing working, ill have to get hold of the us version of quake, since the pal one ive got doesnt offer the network config

its a starting point at least, thanks
I got my Q3 DC for about $30.... last year. It shouldn't be terribly expensive, since nobody wants it anymore.
i need it to configure the bba, i actually have the uk/pal version of it, which doesnt recognoise it

any anyway, i dont particually like playing games on my pc
Hmmm, you know I don't recall the broadband adapter ever being released in the UK, which may explain why a lot of the US/JP online games support it while their UK counterparts don't. I'm not sure how much trouble it may be, but you may want to opt for getting the US/JP versions of games. Just a thought.

Anyway, if you're interested, has quake 3 for DC for 16.00, and they ship internationally (extra fees apply).

By the way, where are you stuck on testing the bba out?
i got throught the setup procedure, and get one of the error messages (url one i think) when trying to browse with it

and no, it wasnt released in europe, your right there, although in a lot of cases the european versions of the games have no online capabitlity where the us one does (unreal, daytona, outtrigger for examples)
if you get an url error, try connecting to an IP directly, i.e. resolve it on the pc and enter the IP as url on the DC.. if it works then, your dns server settings are wrong.
got it sorted

quite a simple error after all, id put the ip address (the very first one) in as

that caused the grief, since it clashed with the ics machine, moved it to, works fine

pso v2 pal works, i also managed to get hold of the us version of quake, i tried setting that up first, and got that working, but it appears that it doesnt share settings with any other games, since these didnt alter the settings shown by the bba passport disc
i brought it from lik-sang

and i dont think it will be worth it anyway, since most of the games i have dont work online with it so far

if your shopping for one, check it isnt a LAN adaptor, rather than a bba (that was the original mistake i made)

since the lan adaptor doesnt support any games or a normal browser
If I recall, you have the japanese bba passport disk. When you set your net config through the japanese passport, the DC stores the config settings in a different place than if you were to configure it with an american bba program(quake 3, planetweb, etc). That's why it doesn't appear to effect the settings from your passport disk.

Supergrom, I bought mine from lik-sang too (~$120-ish). There aren't many games that support it, but my main reason for getting it was for transferring media from a game to my computer, as well as any future development projects I might get into. For those reasons I saw it as worth it, especially since they are so rare these days. If you're going to get it, do it while you can I say.