The emualtion scene has


Mid Boss
that what the internet acknlodges .

Alot of websights say the scenes been around 5 years or somthing but thats just when people started sharing information with each other .

I remember seeing back-up copying tools for genesis snes nes in 91-92 that played on your PC or system .

Alot of this software has been lost or recompiled and called somthing else .
Yea, the emulation "scene" as you call it has been around for a long time, I just got into it when my dad purchased a computer for the family back in 96/97. First time I ever touched a comuter. Pentium 120.... with a massive 16MB RAM ahh the memories....

Found out about them through bbs's around my area. Could'nt afford the internet.
#### yeah BBS

96-97 thats when they were dieng . In my community there were only five or six still left around .

I used to use my commodore back in the day 85' to go bbs hopping , that was the golden age for BBS hundereds of them everybody had there own like websights today .
According to a couple iffy sources, the first ever actual software console emulator was Yuji Naka's Famicom emulator for Mega Drive, but I can't find the actual Naka interview that this comes from. I'd imagine that this was in 1988-1989 or so if it's true. It seems that most of the groundbreaking emulators are forgotten and replaced by newer projects that got better results; it seems like anymore there's hardly a mention of PasoFami, Virtual Super Magicom, Massage, GenEm, Sparcade, etc., even though these are certainly noteworthy emulators...