The Johnny Turbo Story

...there was an *ODD* TG-16 marketing campaign that borderlined on sheer idiotic propoganda, the infamous Johnny Turbo (*lol*) ads.

While I liked my TG-16, the thing the system never had on its side was proper marketing, and if this doesn't prove it I don't know what will *lol*

Anyways, the deal was the ads were stressing (and I do mean *stressing*) that the TG had a CD drive well before the just have to see them *lol* :)
And apparently his "super powers" consist of his superhuman devotion to Turbo Duo and his ability to dress so badly that it knocks out Feka marketing agents. Am I the only one who looked at that shot of Johnny and immediately thought "derranged lunatic" instead of "heroic enemy of misinformation"?
I remember reading these, and thinking wtf??? WTF??? *lol*

This guy wasn't even remotely cool; and had no reason for being.... ####, even a brick has a purpose.

It's almost like PR were trying to bring the whole ship down... they did bad by not bringing some great Japanese titles over (I remember continually going to EB and asking if any new TG-16 games were in, and the ones that came in usually sucked!), but this just takes the cake.

Why they didn't market Bonk more is beyond me. With the right PR he could have fared reasonably well against Mario and Sonic... at least as a fair alternative.

Instead, we got this loser...*shakes head*... hehee :).
I dont believe so, he was just nec's outrageously psychopathic mascot for the time? ####, that dude is scary, WE HAD THE FIRST CD DRIVE, THE FIRST GAMES! US US US US US !!! #### thats scary, its like hes flipping out over something as trivial as that. Plus is people were buying seg.. oops i mean feka's systems its becasue it was a better system plus had phonic cd.
I vaguely remember that.... I also remember a Jack Chick - (ass sucker extraordinaire) -like comic citing the evils of Sega.
He is a larding fat ass! You're right. And he must be gay since he lives with a guy named tony *wink wink* ;) Plus he's one hellova skinny white man.
Theyre NOT EVEN HUMAN!! LOL I allways did love these old johnny turbo comics....too cool....hehehe. funny stuff man.... IMO Turbo Duo KILLED the FekaCD system in games....(I never had as much FUN with the FekaCD as I do with my TurboDuo) Oh well, just my opinion.
Both systems were good with their own strengths and weaknesses, the duo being 8 bit and the fcd being 16, i like em both.