The preservation of unreleased Saturn games

After reading about what happened with Return Fire (someone asked a developer about it, hot copy and can now release it and play it on Saturn) I got the idea that this would be possible with many other games to. For example the superb game Legacy of Kain was finished, but never released. If we could get that, or any other unreleased Saturngame we could do as we did with Return Fire. rerelease it! Here is a list of unreleased Saturngames.

I plan to start mailing some of those companies about the games. If others also do this, we might get a copy of some of them. Its atleast a thought!

Many of the unreleased games were nowhere near completion when they were cancelled, and most that still exist will probably require at least some degree of work before they will even be playable. Besides, Mr. Saturn hasn't gotten Return Fire to boot yet so a release is still some way off.
Hmm. Bit confused here.

Legacy of Kain appeared on the Dreamcast as Soul Reaver: Legacy of Kain. Isn't that good enough?

And Sonic Xtreme was never finished but parts of it made it into Sonic Jam for the Saturn, not Sonic R (AFAIK). The 3D arena you run around in and access the various galleries and other extras with is based on Sonic Xtreme.

Corrections/addendums welcome...

Boy, I'd kill for Sonic Fighters though.
From what I've heard, Sonic Xtreme "became" Sonic R, but I don't mean they changed it into a racing game. They used a lot of the code from the scrapped Xtreme project in Sonic R. It's why Sonic R had good graphics and speed. But presumably Xtreme still COULD exist is some form, but probably not close enough to complete even if it did exist. Not to mention the odds of Sega letting you have anything unreleased.

But the idea of this thread is cool, and if you find other finished unreleased games you can always see if they'd be willing to let people have it.
Originally posted by Taelon@Jan. 28 2003, 7:41 am

Legacy of Kain appeared on the Dreamcast as Soul Reaver: Legacy of Kain. Isn't that good enough?

The game Daniel is talking about is Blood Omen, the first game in the series. It's a 2D RPG-ish affair, as you can see from the screenshot.
Ah, so Soul Reaver is a sequel, then.... and that about Sonic R makes sense, too, since its graphics really are top-notch on the Saturn. I have been enlightened...
Soul Reaver is more of a side-story. A sequel to Blood Omen (creatively titled Blood Omen 2) was released recently.

Coincidentally, Soul Reaver 2 is one of the more famous unreleased games on the Dramcast.

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as soon as i get ReturnFire finished to rerelease it, i will try to manage it to get some more copies of unreleased games too, but this will be very hard, because many of the games on my list above ( weren´t finished (so there is no chance of rereleasing) or the developers are not as friendly as the one´s from ReturnFire - but i will try my best...and btw i think i will have a greater chance if i can show them the rereleased ReturnFire later on...

And something else matters:

I did not email the developers directly but someone who has worked on this game, because i had the experience that when you are asking the developing company either you get no answer or the answer is something like "thanxs for asking but we see no chance to do that"...ReturnFire is not the first game i had asked for :
sonds like a hell of a good idea....all i'd want would be sonic Xtreme/sonic fighters, shenmue and virtual fighter 3.......and maybe some more....let me take another look at the list....

....and about sonic kool would a DC version of been?
Gaz, most of those games are not complete, especially something like Shenmue. Although that would be very nice, it's not gonna happen.
First, most games are dropped for a reason. Compatibility issues, graphics issues, no money, sound, you name it, there's probably been a game dropped because of it. You have to realize that even if we did get some of these games, they'd be unplayable anyways. (I.e. not enough code to for it to even be viably fixed) Also, there are compatibility issues, as it's still not known if a game that is recoded will even work, modded Saturn or not. It's more of a question of why doesn't it work than why might it work.
I think Fighting Force wasn't released but I'm sure it was finished maybe there is a chance to find it.
Well, I asked a friend at Eidos uk if there were any builds of deathtrap dungeon, thunderhawk 3, fighting force or blood omen knocking about the offices as they wouldve passed through the qa department at some point if there was atleast an alpa version made but he said there was nothing so he either didnt look properly(probably)! or they mightve been destroyed or gone 'walkies'. Feel free to still contact whoever you were going to Daniel, another department/office (or developers rather than publishers) might give a better result.

I know someone at Core Design I could ask about Fighting Force and Thunderhawk. If theres nothing lying around there (not that getting him to rob the discs is the preferred option!), I'll ask him to ask the programmers. Dont know if the original guys are still there but I'll see what I can find out.
A 70% translated version of policenauts would be nice. Well, nothing is outside of the realm of possiblity. Hopefully it's out there, and hopefully it'll be found. Or at least independently translated.
I want Screaming Wheels, Demon Driver and Magic - The Gathering

but how can I find somebody that worked in this game ?

Thanks !