The weird things you get in your email....


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David Brandt writes:

"Mr. Slinga,

I just attempted to access your FTP (just before 10PM EST on Monday the 25th). I saw a folder called 'herc's adventure - excellent 2 player coop' or something to that effect. Being curious I decided to give it a try. Using the new FTP program I got, SmartFTP, I tried to queue up the needed files. Upon attempting to transfer I got some messages about files not being found. I re-entered the folder from the parent directory and found it to be empty. I do not know if you were doing something or if I deleted it on you. If I did, I wanted to admit it to you, apologize, and offer to make up for it. I obviously need some more work with SmartFTP, its ever so much more complicated then my old ws_ftp95 program. Please let me know what I can do to make up for deleting the files on you, and once again I apologize for my actions."


I dunno should I unblock him.....nah laughing at him is more fun. =)
Damnit your right...but he called me Mr. Slinga!!! Oh well he's unblocked. But he doesn't have much of a chance logging in though, there's like 20 other people in there.