The "What Do You Think of My Fanfic" Thread


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Hey guys! After much anticipation, my newest fanfic has been uploaded to SX. I'm curious as to what all you guys think. :) :cool: :D :cheers :hehehe: :smokin:


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Also never write in the first person unless you're writing a romance novel where lesbians get it on and you describe it... and you are one of them. That's just, from my personal experience, how it seems to always work.


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Is your lesbian romance novel available for public perusal somewhere? And when will your next comic be up?


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if you want some true constructive criticism.

your descriptive power is minimal, don't expect people to know what the phantasy star world is like; so describe it that way. It may be a fan fic so they should know, but that style of describing is what good description is.

look at it this way, I had to write a 1500 word description essay in my college writing class. I had to describe a white wall. describe the things in your story like you would of described that wall (not with all 1500 words, but if you had 1500 words each word must be extremely powerful)

You often use run on sentences. i dont judge grammar alot, but run on sentences cause a loss in powerful writing.

"It landed next to Naomi, knocking her off her feet, while I withdrew my sword."

It gets confusing to read this sentence. It's to jarbled. Short and concise sentences can still be powerful.

"The beast's powerful landing knocked Naomi from her feet. I instinctively drew my sword.

i wont bugger you one because you seem not to like me. But your writing is better then alot i have seen.


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Yo, I don't have a problem with you at all (all though your Avatar bothers me...), I'm just poking fun at you and stuff. :D


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well if your not being sarcastic, the avatar is a little small but if you look close its my friend sammy holding a gun in his mouth with two hands

here it is blown up