thinking of buying scd model 2 US version


Dude, have a little patience.

Anyway, I've dealt with vintage fun world in the past (bought a couple atari joysticks and a copy of Amiga World #1). No problems there. As for the price, it's not bad, although I tend to prefer the model 1 unit myself. As for it not being complete, it's everything essential.


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I just took a look @ your website and the segacd @ 40usd seems not boxed (and with missing parts), the complete one is @ 50usd :D

Maybe I badly read ;)

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what missing parts? Unless your talking about the plate that connects to the genisus; don't you think that would be included?

but, he made this message bord. The last time the "owner" was on it was on September 7th. And I emailed him asking about that so I'll let you know.

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damn...I don't know what model I have. It has 2 rectangular buttons; power and reset. 2 ports at the back (power imput and rf/av cable)

What model is this? Just in case I order and


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Originally posted by fonzievoltonov@Tue, 2005-09-27 @ 12:29 PM

the mixing cable for MD1 and extend plate for MD1, well this isn't very important anyway if you use MD2 :) ...

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That site is preaty good. I never ordered anything from there but I saw a Video Game shop review site and it has preaty good reviews; and about the mixing cable, its just a audio male to audio male, I think. You can get those at wal-mat for preaty cheep. As for the Extending plate, its not need. The MD 1 will look funny. I have a MCD 2 and its ok.

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Ok, mine has the power button. Now...I don't need the mixing cable I don't think, I thought that was with model 1? And what about the plate do I need that too?


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The mixing cable is only needed to get stereo sound on a model 1 genesis / MD (the ones with a full-size DIN plug for audio/video instead of mini-DIN), and is kind of a gross hack anyway. The plate makes the combination a little more "solid" physically but isn't necessary.