Third World War/Sega CD

Hi guys.I am new here,but do love and always will love sega cd and other older systems.There is one sega cd game that I have looked for for quite some time and if anyone knows where I can find it.I would appreciate it.

Third World War is an awesome game and I wanna play it again. thx guys
read the rules sucka!

no ebay
Please tell me how and when did I beg?All I did was ASK if anyone knew of its whereabouts.So quite honestly I WAS within the rules.THXS

If you are after buying the game, try ragnar14's link. It's still pretty cheap.

You probably should have posted a 'WTB' thread in the Buy/Sell/Trade forum.

On the other hand, if (and I do say if) you were asking for the location of a copy of a game (disc image or whatever), don't pull this "All I did was ASK" shit. I'm sure you've read the rules

Sega CD forum rules

Do not ask for games!

I'm not accusing you yet as both of your posts are quite ambiguous.
Yep...I did kinda leave that open.I didn't think a simple question could or would ever turn into a heated discussion,

even though I have not been accused quite yet.

I really had perfectly good intentions,not meaning to ask anyone of anything,except for the whereabouts of a particular game.If I offended anyone in anyway,I assure you that was not my intention.I am however shocked at the attitude and picking apart of a simple question.

I do realize that we must watch what we say and how we say it to avoid any legal matters,that is fine and completely

understood. I don't wanna get into any heated discussions about what you feel is right and wrong,i just want to enjoy my hobby of retro gaming to the fullest.So I ask you all,am I in the wrong place for that?Can't we all just get along.I am a

lover NOT a
Originally posted by Murphy@July 17 2002, 6:37 am

So I ask you all, am I in the wrong place for that? Can't we all just get along. I am a lover NOT a

The rules here request that you do not ask for games.

If you were to respect them, perhaps we could get along.
Murphy stop this semantical bandying now.

If you are looking for a disc image take it upon youself to surf through the ftp links in the ftp forum.

if you want to buy the game you have resources given to you for that too.

Keep it up and I will show you the proverbial door.