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Surely you must agree there needs to be tighter controls on who can own a gun. You just cannot allow some people to own a gun in any circumstances.

I'm not from the US so I don't know the ins and outs of your gun ownership laws, but they seem pretty lax.


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no I agree there needs to be more controll in "who" owns a gun, I am not sure what it takes, but the background check --- I guestion that, what they do, and how thorough they are... I dunno. thats my beef with gun control in this country, but that doesn't matter when illegal guns are flooded into this country almost hourly... thats never (unfortunately) gonna stop.


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I think that you should only be able to own a gun if your background check shows you have never commited a major crime. I mean like assault or robbery but parking violations and small things like that would be ok. Also I think that you shouldn't be allowed to own a gun if you have ever been in jail over the age of 18 for a violence crime.
I don't mind if you can own one or two handguns. But who the hell needs a semi-automatic rifle for protection. Some of the shit they sell in gun stores the military doesn't even get. I mean come on hunting rifles are fine because it takes time to reload them. Handguns are fine because they have limited ammo and can only fire so many shots at once. But a fucking military rifle is going a bit far.
i know this is a far fetched senario but hunting rifles wont be much use in a RED DAWN senario :)

i think the selling of those type of military guns to civilians is because of the right people have to form thier own army - which will soon be taken away but i think thats why they are alowed to be sold

also there are plenty colectors out there that buy them -- like the guy who colects tanks ( ne1 see him on the history channel ) -- they dont do anything with them just display them - i thinks that where most of the money comes from colectors

people that want a gun for protection get a hand gun or a shot gun

but like i said before if they get rid of the right to bear arms - i am sure that criminals will still have accsess to them and there will barley be any diference -- i am so sure of that i would bet my car (even if it was a good one)

havent been on in a few days -- (busy at work and no internet at home still) - i just wanted to finnish my view off
I, for one, think this board should be free of political conversation. I love talking about games, but I just don't want to know what scary things are going on in the minds of other people! Also, correct grammar and spelling should be a prerequisite to formulating any opinions on any subject matter. This world has enough problems. . . Let's just escape to gaming for a bit.
i don't want to offend you - but i think one of the major problems in this world are people with your view point - people that rather "escape" from problems - if more people did more thinking and bonding there would be fewer problems because they would be dealt with -- but no, theres mostly your view and the marketing people have a field day with it and make lots of money selling short term "escapes"

and this is the internet and we are not getting paid to write so i don't think gramar is a big deal - im in a hury when i type and i know what i write is understandable ( unless your from a non english speaking country then mabey , but i dont think so -- if i think something is unreadable then i corect it -- i just reread what i wrote and see no problem in it being unreadable -- i only see there would be a problem with someone who gets anoyed with incorrect grammar.
Don't get paranoid and start using grammatik... ha ha. I am just saying that this a game board. There are plenty of boards for political views (republican sites, Malitia sites, even women-beating pro hate sites).

I'd like to keep my fun seperate from my political opinions. If I hate jews, that's my problem. I don't want to vent it in ever aspect of my life. I am sure I seem like the problem: this is why we have to argue about the 10 commandments in my federal building ("Budhist go to hell or face Jesus's wrath!").

Let me have just one place where I don't have to hear about someone's god, hate for "those people over there", or reasons to overthrow the government...

Don't get me wrong. My previous post waste meant to be tongue-in-cheek, but games probably do provoke violence in some impressionable kids. Who knows? I, PERSONALLY (not speaking for anyone other than myself), was not in the mood to bring gun contol law into discussion.

So I am going to just mind my business and keep doing whatever the people in marketing tell me to do.
Of course to just throw in some other opinions and trains of thought. The UK (where i live) have extremely tight gun controls and there are no where near as many gun killings as America.

The right to form a militia is something that predates your arguments, nowadays the government would squash such a militia with fighter jets and tanks. So there is no need to even think about that argument. I would say the right to live life without fear of gun crime is overriding compared to the right to carry a gun, clearly both of those rights work against eachother.

In today's society i really dont see the need for every person to carry a gun or even have the right to carry a gun, as much as you want to discuss the finer points of having rights and protecting yourself from criminals there are just too many deaths attributed to having so many weapons in america. Think its time to actually address society's problems rather than make them believe they need a gun to protect themselves.


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Originally posted by Gallstaff@Sep 10, 2003 @ 10:50 PM

I'd rather live in a trigger-happy america than... uh whatever the hell England is known for. :slap

Being English I'm seriously tempted to flame the hell out of you for that remark :flamethrower: but I wont. That's because I'm not a stupidly overly patriotic person, one thing many people in the US are renowned for.

Ok that was a bit of a flame :hehehe:


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Hehe I was kidding. Well I wasn't kidding I mean I love America but I dont sit on my porch with a gun and the conferderate flag on the side of my house.

I will admit that America has it's faults but what country doesnt? Except Australlia I dont know when the last time I heard ANYTHING about them was.


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Don't worry, Australia has it's own problems with guns too. :(

Not as bad as in the US, but bad enough.