this saturn is very VERY strange!

hi,i've got a pal saturn!it's first model,with two leds power and access!

i opended it and i found that the power board is not connected to the upper side of the chassis and that the joypad ports are on another little board!

i found the pin 79 but it doesn't continue to any point,it only goes in the board and if i look at the other side of the board i can find jp1!!

yes only jp1,there isn't jp2!!!

i tried to connect the two sides of jp1 in this way:

jp1 *--------*

but when i power up my saturn i only see black and grey lines on the screen of my tv!!

i disconnected the two sides of jp1 and everything works fine again!

the i looked for other jp points but there are only jp6 and jp7,nothing else!

they are connected like this:

jp6 * * *-------* jp7

now i konw that i must cut the pin 79 and connect it to a switch!

i must connect the switch to 0v and +5v too!!

THIS IS MY PROBLEM!!!!!WHERE ARE 0v and +5v?!!??!

please how can i find them?

what do i need?a voltmeter?is every point good to do this?

are jp 6 and jp 7 good to do this?

please help me i want to play games at 60hz!

thanks a lot!bye!