Three Years Ago Today....


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Ah... three years ago today (August 19, 2000), my Sega fanboyism began. I purchased my Saturn with Virtua Cop ($2), Daytona USA ($2), Virtua Fighter 2 ($2.50), and Fighters Megamix ($17). All for... $34.50. My mom bought me Megamix ($17, Grand Total + Cleaner = $69.39)). I never got any sound out of the thing (damn RF Adaptor was broken, went a year with no sound), but it was awesome. It converted me to Sega. And yet, I don't know why... I was a DIE-HARD Square fanboy at the time, and all my attention was towards the upcoming PoS2 (yet... we know what became of it, it became a Piece of Shit 2 :p :lol: ). I played those four games non-stop for the next couple months, until I got House of The Dead, Eclipse Pad, and Eclipse Stick for my birthday (October 27th). I played that quite a bit as well. I went to Funcoland (where I had purchased my Saturn with the games before, and where Mom obviously bought HoTD), and picked up Die Hard Arcade, Virtual On, and Virtua Fighter Kids (January 2001). I'm kicking myself now for not picking up Street Fighter Alpha 2 that day though. I went new-Saturn-game-less for little over a year, then I purchased Virtua Fighter from.. Prosolis I believe it was, from the SX boards. Later on (April 2002), I bought Virtua Fighter Remix, and World Series Baseball from GOAT Store, for an amount of money I can't remember (April 2002). Later on, I bought Sega Rally, and Sega Bootleg Sampler Vol. 1 from Greg at school (May 2002). I was gonna buy just aobut every game he had, but he had raised the prices on me... ugh... I WANTED POWERSLAVE!!!!! I was anxiously awaiting the next school year, as I had gotten a raise in my allowance, I was detemined to buy all those Sat games that Greg had. First thing I say to him, right after seeing him, was about buying more of his Sat stuff. Turns out he gave all of it to his cousins over the summer. I still give him hell for it though. I wanted Powerslave, Worldwide Soccer 98, NBA Action 98, Crusader: No Remorse, Ultimate MK3, Virtua Cop 2, among others from him. A couple days before Thanksgiving 2002, I bought Resident Evil ($5), Virtua Cop 2 ($5) and Christmas NiGHTS ($2) (All game complete) for $12. I played NiGHTS right away, as I had never played the original, and had been dying to play it (I'm as hardcore as Saturn fans come, and I had never played NiGHTS before..... Pathetic....). Since then, I have not purchased any other Saturn games. I've been getting CD-Rs of games to hold me over until I buy originals of them. As soon as I get a job my mission will begin:

TO OWN EVERY SATURN GAME AND (Sega Official) ACCESSORY AVAILABLE!!! Take my Saturn to the limit as well (VCD Card + 50/60 MHZ Switch +Country Swith + Modboard + Action Replay 4MB+).

It's been a heavenly three years with The Greatest of All-Time, and it shall continue... it shall continue....

Man, I think my love for the Saturn has gone WAY too far. I was swearing because of all the fuzzy sound I was getting out of my damn RF Adaptor, I swore at the Saturn... then just broke down, apologizing to it, as though it were my child... ugh... But what can I say, I love my Saturn, and I will defend it from fanboys until the day I die. *Sigh*

Saturn, here's to you old pal: :cheers

Allow to go get my reciept from my Saturn purchasem so I can check exact prices for everything.

Edit: Bah... Make that Three Years, and One Day Ago :cheers

Edit 2: Added the prices for Virtua Cop, Daytona USA, and Virtua Fighter 2.
Dude, i love your stories. :)

edit: now i kinda wanna get serious about collecting everything SMS.
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Dude, i love your stories. :)

edit: now i kinda wanna get serious about collecting everything SMS.

Why's that? :D [/b][/quote]

They're freakin inspiring. I want to have that type of attitude when I really start collecting.
Cloud you make me think there is hope for every PS fanboy to be converted to the joys of Sega.

I really don't understand the sort of Sega Hatred you see in some places. I find in many gamefaqs boards you see hatred for Sega from people who probably haven't played a Sega game for years :angry: . I only really post in the VF4 Evo board now so I only get annoyed by stupid complaints about the game from Tekken fans.
While I've been known to post in the gamefaqs message boards once in a while... I must say the boards are infested with idiots...
As I said it just depends on the boards you visit. Have you ever visited the board for the Character battle their doing at the moment. I've seen more intelligence in my cats litter tray. :puke: