Time Warner RoadRunner Broadband


This question is directed to people who have used or are using the service on a regular basis.

1.) Because it's a shared bandwith, do you often get bogged down with slow speeds?

2.) To what extent do they monitor downloading/uploading (ie. If I were to get say, Sonic CD off one of the many ftp's, would I be in trouble for taking up bandwith space, or worse, caught downloading the game?

Thank's I appreciate it.
1. I can't say I've *ever* experienced any serious slowdown. My uploads consistently reach 50-60KB/sec maximum and my downloads about five times that (depending on where you download from of course).

2. They don't seem to monitor anything... I've been using filesharing a *lot* since I got Roadrunner (uploaded 4 GB within a day once!), and nary a word from them. Nothing to worry about :) Also they don't block any ports or anything. I can highly recommend Road Runner.
The cable companies have already announced that they are going to limit the total amount of stuff you can download and then charge you more when you go over that limit. I'm not sure when or if they're actually going to do it, but it's been announced. Just FYI.
1) At peak times I can see slow downs for the news server, but not much else. Regular browsing is usually very consitent unless there's a problem they have to fix. Some of their binary groups are slower than others too. Could be on different servers, I dunno. And it's not common, but it's happened a number of times where we'll go through segements of seemingly random incomplete postings in binary groups (verified complete elsewhere).

2) Here's a post from a tech in my local feedback newsgroup about monitoring activity:

"We don't track newsgroup access - I don't think we've ever been asked for that data specifically.

The MPAA, RIAA, several movie studios, some software companies like Microsoft, and some representative organizations (BSA, CCS, and so on) are the ones who usually make these complaints. They have staff that sits and surfs web, FTP, IRC, or Hotline for people serving movies, and then sends complaints to the ISPs involved. Because of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act, we are forced to turn off a customer if we get one of those requests until we can talk to the customer and let them know what's going on.

Time Warner doesn't hand out any customer information unless legally forced to do so - i.e. a subpoena. Since we call customers when we get a DMCA complaint and let them know they could get sued, it usually doesn't get to that. I'm happy to say Time Warner Legal is very, very closefisted with cable customer information.

The actual documents that describe privacy rules are here:

http://help.twcable.com/html/policies.html "
I can occasionally DL at a sustained 300+kbps, depending on the server. Service is down quite a bit in my area though.