Time Warner to Charge for Excessive Bandwidth Usage..

http://www.nwfusion.com/net.wor....>Aight, now im fucking pissed.. If they overcharge me, thats it, my ass is going back to 56k. I'm tired of this shit. They called me a couple days ago saying that they are forcing their customers to goto digital cable rather than the standard box, and i was like.. MOTHERFUCKERS. Here i am paying buttloads for cable tv already, and they wanna pull some shit like that? Now they wanna overcharge bandwidth hogs liek me?

I say fuck'em.

Not only will this hurt us Roadrunner customers, but could possibly hurt the hosters using roadrunner/cox in the FTPA of SX.
Have they decided what constitutes "excessive" yet? I think there is a reasonable aspect to such a policy, but only if they give warnings first and the limit is rather generous. Otherwise, it opens up a really nasty possibility: don't like someone? Just pingflood the crap out of their connection and laugh. Really, I think they'd have to be complete morons to not be very, very careful about this - they're probably still paying for the rollout, and dropping huge bills on customers is not the way to get them to be happy. It could be argued that they want those people to go away anyway, but the main reason most people get "unlimited" plans isn't because they actually need to use it all the time, it's because they don't want to have to worry about how much they use it. Introducing nasty "excessive use" charges hurts that sales point, even if regular users aren't likely to ever run into them...
lol torx you should have been around when i brought up stealing cable. ya they're all a bunch of greedy bastards.
yipes... that sux. Does anyone know if Sympatico does the same thing?

I remember when i lived in rez that the university would always cap my connection the next day to something horrible like 2k/s if i went overboard with the bandwidth. but then the next day after it would go back to being speedy.
Yeah, they probably want to start phasing out the analog service so that they can convert the whole thing to overcompressed MPEG and start pushing other services over the bandwidth that would free up. I've got Dish Network, and though it's usually pretty good, the artifacts can get really irritating sometimes. I've seen the same on digital cable, and I'm sure TW won't hesitate to use just as much compression as they think they can get away with...
Eh...quit your whining :)

Come to Australia, where cable is near non-existant, and the all DSL options are capped and cost a shit load. Try $450AUD/month for a 10gig, 512/256K flaky DSL connection. There is no such thing as a non capped broadband connection here.
Excyber, you use satelite for your TV (Dish Network)? Do you use it for your internet as well, and if so is it any good? Im wondering cause im not going to have cable pretty soon, and im eather going to have to use 56k or satalite.
in my experience, satellite connections suck, well uploads anyway... Whenever i try to download something from a satellite user, the speeds are super slow.
I have cable internet service. I've heard different things about satellite internet, none of it really recent. However, one thing to consider if you do a lot of online gaming is that any satellite service will have pretty awful latency (I've heard that sub-dialup latency performance is the norm) due to the fact that Earth->Satellite->Earth is not a short trip.
Would you say then satellite would be a worse or better choice then 56K? I don't realy play too many online games (comps getting pretty old for games), but my bro' likes to play EQ and Counterstrike all the time. Also, if any of you know, what could I expect for downloading speeds?
Whine whine about your bandwith limitations, i wish i could USE excessive bandwith,

#### AT&T and their 15k UPLoad CAP, #### THEM TO ####

and 56k does not r0xorz ever, unless you have one of those shotgun modems, which lets you run two phonelines at once, those are cool
i just switched from 56k to dsl, 56k sux, i hear ya on the bandwidth tho, i was at uni and am goin back in the fall, so my ftp will suck starting in august (u/l has no bandwidth limit now but will be limited to less than 10k/sec at school, and if regularly exceeds 10k, they cap it at 5k)

sorry, 3rd post tonight don't mean to spam, just drunk
Rogers is just as bad, if you use too much bandwidth they just simply shut you down for the internet and you STILL have to pay. thats brutal.
haha, I have adelphia cable and if they would charge for excessive bandwith my mom would be out of a house. I downloaded 15 GBs monday and tuesday, today i burned 23 CDs. That excessive bandwith stuff is crap.

Satilite has a 768Kb bandwith for downloads, usually 128Kb for uploads, so that comes out to be like 80KB/s download, and a 15KB/s upload. Its like having DSL downloads and cable uploads. Its not actually that bad. But it costs like $80/month for that kind of satilite.
i always thought that sat used a phone lines for uploads so i'm assuming the uploads suck. and i think adelphia caps uploads but not downloads and they don't give a shit about bandwith for now till they don't feel like upgrading their system capacity and stuff like that and everything bogs down.
until now Satelilite internet was always done by downloading from the satelilite to your dish etc but uploads were only possible by using your dial up, so in that sense they were only for the desperate people out in the middle of nowhere, these days some companies have been trying out Satilite systems that download and upload using the dish etc, so that would give true broadband speeds, but the price i imagine would be quite high

hearing all this about bandwidth caps and really expensive broadband makes me happy in a guilty kinda way cuz where i live (Canada) both the cable companies and our phone companies (Sympatico) give broadband at no more then $40 Can (about $25 US :) ) a month and they have been giving away totally free installation and usually 1st month free or 1st 3 months at half price, as well as NO caps on uploading or downloading (although I've heard that certain provinces are getting caps, but they are fairly reasonable and not strictly enforced, ie you get warnings, then MAYBE get small penalty fee's)

case in point, my Sympatico ADSL service, even though in the User Agreement I had to sign said specifically that there was an download cap of 1.5 gigs a month with possible penalty charges for going over, I emailed them and they told me straight out that there was no longer ANY caps on how much you up'ed or downloaded (sweet :) ) and to make sure that was the case I broke this "supposed" cap several times over for several months and Sympatico was just fine with it, no probs whatsoever

and to make things even better, last year my province's Sympatico ADSL upgraded their upload speed limit from 17kbytes to 33kbytes with no additional fee's etc, it was a free boost to everyone, I guess us Canadians are lucky :)