To GP32 or not to GP32?


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Anybody have one of these nifty handhelds?

Very tempting

But I already have a Audiovox Maestro which is 206mhz arm cpu and takes cf and sm cards.
Originally posted by IceMan2k@Feb 21, 2003 @ 04:53 PM

Do the emulators run any better on the gp32 then on a 206mhz ppc?

I don't own one so i can't tell ya
, but here is a good forum about emu's out/coming out for the GP32:
I have one, they are very nice especially if you want to do homebrew development, the internal cpu can change clock rates depending on how much power the program requests. Game selection is going to boom soon since the GP32 is being launched in the UK this year, which means english goodies available. It also functions well as a portable mp3 player, and can run some nice emulators (such as an scummvm, hello sam n max hit the road fo real).
I have played one. I was so excited about the hype. When I was in Korea it was everywhere. It looked great behind glass, but when I finally found one on display that I could play...

I was disappointed. It takes a lot to disappoint me, but this was very disappointing. It was on the level of an old handheld PC running Windows CE 2.0.

If you likes or Cybiko, then maybe this is for you. I was all set to buy one on my flight. I had put aside just enough money to make it my first purchase.

It has several datebook like features to make it feel like a PDA, but it feels fragile and has a very weak joy pad -- a mushroom shape like the dreamcast but with a really thin stick. I imagined that if it were ever to fall, that would break right away.

My feeling was that it was too big and too slow. I just felt one might be better off buying a NeoGeo Pocket color and a Philips Nino. The combined price of both of these used would only be a fraction of the price of GP32.

Prediction: Everyone will talk about it, but no one will really get it and it will sell for $40 like those portable Cybiko handhelds from a few years ago (Check Ebay). There will be no following for it. Only those collectors who bought machines will want it just to say they have it (and store it somewhere dusty).