Today Was A Good Day...

Today Purchases Include:

My first Sega CD system (model 2)

My first Sega 32X system

32X games:



Virtua Fighter

Metal Head

Star Wars Arcade

Sega CD games:

Sonic CD

Genesis Games:

Game Factory BLUE flashable cart (32bit) :devil

Game Factory GREEN flashable cart (16bit) :devil

I can't do anything with the game factory carts but maybe down the road somewhere i'll find a use for them
. Just thought i'd brag :cheers
Hey, I found Gunstar Heroes at Funcoland/Gamestop for $4! And Street Fighter II Championship Edition for $1.
i got to drive around in a brand new luxury edition pathfinder for awhile today

fuck the environment, those things are fun

if i were making aboutt four times what i'm making now i think i'd get one

except without the power seats and totally useless built-in digital compass