ToeJam & Earl

ToeJam & Earl

great game not that good as a single player but get a friend and it's one of the best games ever.
ToeJam & Earl

In single player,it was a great game,but get a friend and it becomes one of the best two player games around.

also had some cool music and sfx.

loved this game from start to finish.but i was not so keen on toe jam and earl 2.i mean it was ok,but not a patch on the original in terms of gameplay.
ToeJam & Earl

I recently bought it again and it kicks arse still. The best part for me is the boogie man, those sounds were excellent.
ToeJam & Earl

one of the few games ever made that is genuinely fun

well, except for the randomizing present, that thing sucks

dum dum dum du du du dum

du te du dun da dun ta de dun un

Pearl Jammzz

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ToeJam & Earl

only one word can describe this game.....nah nevermind there is not word to describe it. If you have never played it go download gens and the rom from sumwhere. Make sure to get the first one not panic on funkatron. Good times all.
ToeJam & Earl

The first one is the best 2 player co-op game for the Genesis!

The second is not so good  

And the xbox version? Who knows...
ToeJam & Earl

Originally posted by Adrock@Aug. 24 2002, 11:49 am

The best part for me is the boogie man, those sounds were excellent.

Amen to that! It had me in stitches

I used to love chilling in the pool and watching the hula babes too!