Too good to be true?

Well, their terms of service is pretty much the standard cheap web hosting "we don't guarantee that the hosting will actually not suck, and can terminate your account at any time we feel like it", so there will probably just be some selective enforcement of it once they get tired of hosting the people who got in on the promoion...
Yea I saw that part too.......

Ice is calling tommorrow for more info. I gave a list of questions NOT listed as it isnt standard....if they cant answer, they are fakes.
I think ive heard of them before , if im not confusing them with somebody else . They been around for awhile . What excyber said except i dont think theyd raise your rates i think this has been their deal for some time now .
There are some questions you need to ask...

5 gig of transfer, yep but over what time? could be a day, could be a year, could be a decade. It doesnt say.

Also what does it constitute as data transfer. Some places constitute it as the ammount downloaded and some for the ammount requested, so if someone clicks on a link and doesnt wait for the pictures and clicks somewhre else you still get charged for them being requested