Total Control 5: Burns out DC gameports?

I'm interested in knowing if there's any truth to the supposed rumor that the Total Control 5 Plus 3-in-1 burns out gamepad ports on the Dreamcast.

According to someone (Exeter) from this site's reviews section, this person made the statement "There has been much talk about the problems with the Total Control units burning out the dreamcasts controller ports." I've searched Google, Sega Xtreme, Google Newsgroups, etc., and have failed to find any evidence supporting this claim.

Here's the link:

The above review was written for the Dream Connection 3-in-1. Right now I'm trying to decide between it and the Total Control 5 Plus 3-in-1. The main difference is in price and availability. The Dream Connection prices out between $17 - $25.90, which is more expensive than the Total Control ($14.90). However, none of the big importers carry the Dream Connection. I've found it at and, but I'm unfamiliar with either of these sites.

If anyone can offer me some feedback on either of these convertors, I'd appreciate it. I'm especially interested in knowing if any of you have experienced any problems with the Total Control unit after extensive use and what your experience has been with Tototek and Ezoneasia and whether or not I should avoid doing business with them.

Thank you.
I have 2 dream connections, and i remember when i got them that there was a warning on the box that you will blow the ports if you plug in the remotes to the total controll when it is already pluged into the DC. so just hook up the total controll and the psx/saturn pad first, then plug it into the DC. ( best $60 i ever spent on acessories)
you might want to check on game faqs, since they have the instructions for repairing the problem you can get with the acetec arcade sticks as well (causes a resistor to burn out)
I have the dreamconnection 3 in 1 and I have had no problems with it so far. I plug it in then turn on the power